How to promote your dental practice with TikTok

How To Promote Your Dental Practice With TikTok

Keeping up to date with the latest social media marketing trends can open opportunities for your dental practices to grow.

Tons of new social media platforms are consistently emerging.

Tiktok is one of the latest video-sharing social media platforms that quickly increased its popularity among millennials and Genz users.

TikTok has an estimated 1 billion users worldwide as of 2021.

With the number of users present on Tiktok, you might want to look more into what Tiktok is about, why it is so popular, and how you can use this platform to promote your dental practice and connect with your patients through Tiktok.

What is TikTok?

Tiktok is a video-distribution social media platform that allows users to create and share short homemade music videos.

With Tiktok, you can share your video for up to sixty seconds accompanied by music.
Since this type of short video can be very engaging and entertaining, the average user of this app spends 52 minutes per day.

The most commonly shared video content involves dancing, lip-synching, entertainment content and other endless possibilities for content creation.

Who Uses TikTok?

As of March 2019, TikTok’s userbase in the U.S was approximately 14 Million.

There is a variety of U.S users by age on this platform.

  • 20-29 – 29.5%
  • 30-39 – 16.4%
  • 40-49 – 13.9%
  • 50+ – 7.1%.

This data shows that the TikTok user base has continued to diversify with age.

With Tiktok’s potential to expose your brand in front of your target audience, businesses today are also starting to adapt to this platform.

TikTok For Dentists

TikTok is a fun and a great platform to connect with new audience members.

Though some popular content involves more entertainment, more and more businesses use TikTok to share their product or services with potential customers.

Businesses have already invested more than $50 million on this platform.

In marketing for dentists, using TikTok is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience.

Aside from Gen Z, who are highly active users, its popularity is gaining other users of different ages, including millennials.

Even though Tiktok has a keen and enagaging audience, some dental practitioners have not tried creating dental-related content.

Today is the perfect time for you to explore, leverage and establish your online presence with Tiktok.

Promoting Your Dental Practice With TikTok

TikTok is a social media app that helps you create video content to raise awareness about your dental practice both organically and paid.

With TikTok Business, you can access your analytics and metrics to track your ad and organic videos performance.

Perhaps TikTok’s young audiences may need a dental office as they move to attend college or a new job.

By creating dental-related videos, you are informing and creating a great connection and trust to this type of audience.

This video content could also eventually book an appointment with your dental office.

You might think it is a great idea to have a Tiktok account as part of your dental marketing plans.

However, you might not have any idea how or where to start.

No need to worry about it! Today will talk about everything you need to know to get started on Tiktok and how to promote and market your dental practice using Tiktok.

Creating A TikTok Business Account

Here is the step-by-step process on how easy it is to create a Tiktok business account for your dental practice.

Step 1: Download the Tiktok app to your phone via Apple or Google Play.

Step 2: at the bottom of the menu bar page, Tap Me.

Step 3: Tap Sign Up and connect your mobile number or email address.

Step 4: From the Me menu bar, click the three dots and tap Manage My Account.

Step 5: Choose the Business account category from the switch To Pro Account.

Step 6: Pick the business category that best describes your dental practice.

By being specific with the business category for your dental practice, TikTok can provide you with a customized “For You Page” for your audience’s algorithm.

These six steps will help you set up your TikTok business account and start promoting your dental practice.

Getting started on TikTok for Dentists

If you want to get started on TikTok to promote your dental practice, here are some of the best dental marketing strategies which help you create results for your dental practice.

Tip 1: Create a Professional Profile

Creating a professional profile on TikTok is an easy but conscientious process for a long-lasting first impression on your audience.

First, pick a username for your dental practice that is appealing and professional to your audience.

You can use the name of your practice or your name.

When choosing a profile picture, you can use a photo of the dentist or the dental practice logo.

When creating your profile bio, consider sharing the fun side of you or your dental office to connect better to your potential patients.

Do not forget to link your other social media handles profile ( Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook) to maximize online visibility.

Remember that TikTok short video length is a great platform to have an introduction about your practice and service, and your additional platforms can be your long-form content format.

Make sure you make the most out of your profile.

Tip 2: Hashtags Are Must-Have

Hashtags are part when using TikTok.

TikTok hashtags are like Instagram hashtags.

When you add multiple hashtags on every post, you are being shown to users who search for the topics you are tagging.

You can use dentistry-related hashtags like #dentist, #orthodontist, and #bestsmiles.

These hashtags will help you connect with potential patients looking for your dental-related content.

Aside from the industry-related hashtags, include additional hashtags in some of your posts.

You can also use these types of additional hashtags:

  • Trending hashtags – To elevate your visibility faster, use trending hashtags to spike common interest from users.
  • Interest-based hashtags – Depending on the interest of your target audience, you can add this type of hashtags that could be related to your content. It can help get exposed to a bigger pool of receptive audiences.
  • Location-based hashtags – Since Tiktok tracks locations, you can add like #NewYork. It will help you connect with local audience members near your dental office location.

Tip 3: Create Fun and Educational Content.

Use Tiktok to create valuable and entertaining information.

Share the fun and, informative content is an interactive way to connect with your audience and build their trust.

With the limited time of 15-seconds, you have to be creative to showcase the needed information.

Create a reaction video and bust some dental myths videos that you can find from the Tiktok platform itself. It is entertaining because you will react to the video, and be informative as you provide your dental expertise.

If you don’t have time to think for your Tiktok content, dental marketing agencies can help your dental practice to plan and execute consistently entertaining and informative for your audience.

Tip 4: Utilize User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is a powerful dental marketing strategy on all social media platforms including TikTok.

You can ask your existing patients to post about their dental visit experience. It will showcase what you are offering from the actual patients themselves and build trust from the newer audience.

A dental marketing agency can assist you in creating user-generated content for your dental practice.

Tip 5: Create Visually Engaging Content

To stand out from the TikTok feed, create consistent attention-grabbing videos.

Post an eye-catching video demo on how you change your patient’s dental braces rubber bands (elastic ligatures).

Though it is a technical process, it still catches the audience’s attention since it is fascinating to watch changing the rubber band to different colours.

Fun Tip: Another fun and simple content is posting a video of you waking up your patients after the procedure.

Showing their reaction is authentic and gives a sneak peek of what the procedure might look like in your dental office.

Tip 6: Optimize for the “For You” page

Depending on the content you are viewing and interacting with Tiktok, Tiktok’s “For You” page is a stream of customized videos chosen by the algorithm.

For your dental practice’s Tiktok page to appear on your target audience’s “For You” page, you can add the #foryou hashtag to your post.

The longer but more rewarding process is to create consistent content to land to your audience for your page.

Remember, consistency is the key. The algorithm will recognize a page that has consistent and engaging content.

Tip 7: Access and Review Your Analytics

Upgrade your account to a free professional one.

Once it is upgraded, you can now access analytics on every post.

Check your video and profile performance like video views, profile views, and follower count. It is a great opportunity to check the existing demographic of your followers so you can create more content suitable content for them.

Are You Ready To Rise?

TikTok is another platform to extend your dental marketing strategy as part of your dental marketing mix.
With its existing enthusiastic audience, there are many ways to create engaging content to connect to them.

We discussed what Tiktok is about, its potential to capture your ideal audience and patients, and how to create and promote your Tiktok profile and content.

Just like any dental marketing practice, learning, adaptation, and implementation of content to a new social media platform takes time to create results.

The great news is you can ask for a dental agency on what type of content would suit best for your Tiktok account. If you’re interested to know more about dental content marketing strategy, you can contact us for a 30-minute free discovery call. Book your appointment today!

Optimise voice searches for dentists

How To Optimise for Voice Searches For Dentists

The Rise of Voice Search Technology

In these modern times, voice search is already widely used by online users.

If you tried asking Google or Siri for any question or assistance with your voice using your smartphone, or home station, then you have a glimpse of what voice search is.

Voice search uses speech to ask specific questions and provide commands to compatible devices such as smartphones and smart speakers.

When you speak to the said device, it carries through the specific command or provides an answer to your question.

Voice search was introduced by Google last 2011.

Its popularity of using this technology has advanced in recent years.

Since it captures your speech faster than the traditional typing search approach, businesses and healthcare industries have increased productivity. It is also helpful for people who have problems with sight.

With 50% of online searches coming from voice searches by 2022, there is no doubt that voice search will continue to progress alongside the industries that adapted to this type of technology.

Voice Search For Dentists

Since voice search technology has been improving over the recent years, dental marketing agencies are studying the updated voice search statistics to forecast dental marketing trends.

It is a source to reveal the search patterns and frequently asked questions from dental patients.

For example, a patient wants to know where is the nearest dental clinic in his area.

He will type something like a Dental clinic near me.

With voice search, your patient can say; Google, what is the nearest dental clinic in my location?

Unlike typing search that is more neutral and generic, Voice Search is more conversational.

That is why optimizing your content and adding keywords relatable to typical voice search inquiries from a topic is needed to put your dental website on top search results.

Patients today want to search for information or answers at their convenience.

That’s why this technology is a source of creating dental marketing strategies and customizing your value-based content and services to fulfill your online patient needs and book more dental appointments.

In marketing for dentists, Optimizing voice searches as part of your dental marketing approach will help your dental content and services get seen better to potential patients online.

Adapting to this type of technology is not only a trend but a must if you want your dental office to stand out from the rest of the dental offices that are still creating their online content from regular text-based searches.

Optimizing My Dental Website For Voice Search

1: Answer Your Patient Question Effectively.

In optimizing your dental practice for voice search, SEO rules typically apply.

Take note of your patient’s needs.

Most voice searches are in question form.

When you answer the commonly asked question effectively, it will help your website move up your search engine results page into a featured one.

In generating the most asked online questions, you can use Answer the Public for ideas.

Pro Tip: Make sure to make your questions into an H2 tag.

H2 tags embed the first sub-heading after the document’s main heading.

From this, your patient questions must answer accurately and concisely under the H2 so Google can see your content as the best answer to your patient queries.

Make sure to make it straight to the point and engaging.

2: Include long-tail keywords

Shift your search focus from short-phrase keywords to long-tail keywords or complete sentences.

Answer dental services inquiries based on how you naturally ask questions while speaking. Consider adding a conversational tone to your content and keywords.

A voice search is usually in a natural language format. That is why long-tail keywords are a critical aspect.

3: Optimized content for Local Area

A reputable dental marketing agency knows that optimizing your website for mobile, and local SEO, is vital for the local voice search.

Make sure to create content targeted to your local area consumers.

Start publishing relatable or seasonal content to spark interest for your local consumers.

4: Right Words Usage

Use the right words in your content.

This will make your content more searchable and appealing to your online patients.

It should also include question words commonly used verbs like; “make”, “can,” and “do”.

These words can also be handy for your SEO strategies.

A dental marketing agency can help you optimize valuable content for your patients.

Typically, 20% of voice searches are triggered by the 25 keywords.

In choosing the right words, you have to take note of some of the keywords that highly trigger voice searches.

These are the commonly used words in voice search questions or sentence queries.

Below are some of the words that online consumers use when looking for the best or top options.

  • Top
  • How
  • What
  • Best
  • Define

5: Speed up your Dental website

Websites that work fast rank better with Google.

Make sure to improve the speed of your website for voice search. Online users expect to have a search result on your page instantly. Your goal is to provide the most relevant site efficiently.

Website Speed Test and Website Traffic Checker are some of the free online tools that you can use in testing your website’s speed.

Are you Ready To Rise?

Voice search technology has paved the way for a better online search experience, answering questions efficiently, performing small tasks, and responding to your inquiries in an almost conversational manner.

Optimizing voice search in your dental practices makes your dental marketing easier.

It will also help the voice searchers to search your dental practice faster.

If optimizing your website for voice searches is something that your dental practice is looking forward to, you can always contact us for a 30-minute free consultation about the best voice search optimization practices which will work best for your practice.