the Rise DDS Platform.

The ultimate marketing tracking platform for the dental industry. The Rise DDS platform measures the efficacy of all your marketing channels down to the dollar by integrating directly with your patient management system. Combined with the expertise of the Rise DDS marketing team, we've created the ultimate solution to bring your practice or DSO a steady stream of quality new new patients each and every month, to ensure the absolute best use of your marketing budget!

The Rise DDS Platform

Our proprietary software connects all major marketing channels directly with your Patient Management System for unprecedented marketing power and insights.

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What we do

  • Full Website Creation and Support

  • Google Ads like you’ve Never Seen

  • Modern Search Engine Optimization

  • Data-Driven Print Marketing

  • Call Grading and Front Desk Coaching

  • Social Media Management and Ads

  • Google My Business Management

  • Review Generation & Reputation Management

  • Marketing for Specialty Treatments

Full Website Creation and Support

Eye-catching designs on any device

Patients will view your website on a variety of devices, and you want their experience to be the same whether they visit your website from their laptop, smartphone, or tablet. We use responsive web design techniques to generate a fantastic viewing experience on any device. Our professional experience in building a highly engaging website will help you generate high-quality patients.

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Google Ads like you’ve Never Seen

Unleashing Unmatched Precision and ROI

It’s no secret at this point that Google Ads is one of the things we’re best known for. When you run them correctly, Google Ads can be the single most lucrative form of advertising for your practice because you can target EXACTLY the right audience and JUST the right time - and the best part is, you can know exactly what they’re looking for BEFORE you spend any money showing your ad to that person. It allows us to bring in a steady stream of quality new patients with even the most limited budgets. As with all of our marketing, we can plug everything into the Rise DDS platform to see exactly which ads are making you the most money, so we know we are getting the best bang for the buck!

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Modern Search Engine Optimization

Is your website ranked at the top of Google?

SEO for dentists is essential if you want to attract new patients from your local area. Typically, potential patients will turn to the internet before choosing a dentist for their needs. We’ll help to position your website where people will see it when they search for the dental services you offer.

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Data-Driven Print Marketing

Traditional Outreach with Modern Analytics

Our Data-Driven Print Marketing combines the best of traditional outreach with cutting-edge analytics. We design compelling print materials that resonate with your target audience and use our data insights to track performance and optimize results, comparing them to all of your other marketing. This ensures that every print campaign is not only impactful but also measurable, maximizing your return on investment.

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Call Grading and Front Desk Coaching

Give your front desk the skills they need

Having a well-trained front desk that can convert a phone lead into a new patient is critical to maximizing your marketing investment, and running a profitable practice. Finding a way to improve your front desk team’s phone etiquette will lead to more bookings and dramatically increase patient experience. Your dedicated Rise DDS Call Grader will listen and analyze all of your new patient incoming phone calls, and provide valuable feedback to help your front desk maximize your new (and existing) patient opportunities.

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Social Media Management and Ads

Make your practice the talk of the town

We’ll create engaging content, manage your social presence, and run targeted ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. We’ll uncover the unique stories and value propositions that make your practice and team one-of-a-kind, and ensure that your local community knows it. Our data-driven approach ensures that your messages reach the right audience, driving patient engagement, brand awareness, and quality new patient acquisition.

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Google My Business Management

Elevate Your Local Presence and Drive Patient Engagement

Your Google My Business listing is the first thing a potential patient sees when they search for you or your services on Google. Increase your phone calls and website visits by having a fully optimized GMB listing that continues to work for you every day and showcases your practice’s dental services. Don’t get lost in the crowd!

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Review Generation & Reputation Management

Build trust and earn raving fans

We’ll show you the best way to generate 5-star reviews on Google and elsewhere, and more importantly, how to get your patients to sing your praises to friends and family. We ensure your practice maintains a stellar reputation, attracting more patients and fostering long-term loyalty. Our approach not only boosts your online visibility but also strengthens the trust and credibility of your brand.

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Marketing for Specialty Treatments

Unlocking Niche Patient Growth with Precision and Expertise

We specialize in creating and implementing extraordinarily profitable marketing campaigns for specialty treatments including sleep apnea, implants, prosthodontics, full mouth reconstruction, all-on-4, and more. We have the office management and clinical experience to understand the nuances that make these kinds of campaigns successful, and we have an unprecedented database of proprietary data that gives you the lowest possible price-per-patient for high-ticket treatments.

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Targeting the Right Audience with Impactful Messaging


Linking Marketing Metrics to Treatment Success


Showcasing Success Stories and Patient Journeys


Reflecting Expertise and Trustworthiness Online

Reinventing Smiles with Strategic Precision

Marketing dental implants and full arch cases is about illustrating life-changing transformations. At Rise DDS, we understand the profound impact these treatments have on patients' lives. Our marketing strategy, powered by the Rise DDS Platform, focuses on reaching individuals who are actively seeking or could greatly benefit from dental implants and full arch solutions. We employ data-driven tactics to ensure your marketing resonates with an audience in need of these transformative procedures, ensuring every marketing dollar is effectively and efficiently utilized.


Targeting the Right Audience with Impactful Messaging

Integrating for In-Depth Patient Journey Analysis

The seamless integration of the Rise DDS Platform with your practice's Patient Management Systems (PMS) offers invaluable insights. This integration allows us to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns in correlation with patient consultations, treatment plans, and successful outcomes. In the specialized field of dental implants and full arch treatments, these insights are critical for tailoring marketing strategies that resonate with the complexities and emotional aspects of these life-altering procedures.


Linking Marketing Metrics to Treatment Success

Crafting a Narrative of Transformation and Confidence

In the field of dental implants and full arch cases, the patient's journey and the resulting transformation are powerful marketing tools. We focus on telling these stories, using high-quality before-and-after imagery, detailed patient testimonials, and engaging video content that highlights the functional and aesthetic benefits of the treatments. This narrative approach not only demonstrates the technical prowess of your practice but also connects emotionally with potential patients, showcasing the profound impact of your work.


Showcasing Success Stories and Patient Journeys

Optimizing Digital Presence for Maximum Engagement

Your online presence is a crucial touchpoint for potential patients. We ensure that your website, social media profiles, and online listings are optimized to reflect the sophistication and reliability of your implant and full arch services. Through advanced SEO strategies, engaging social media content, and user-friendly web design, we position your practice as a leading provider of these life-enhancing treatments.


Reflecting Expertise and Trustworthiness Online

Which type of dental practice are you?

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A New Practice

  • I need new patients coming in asap
  • I want to fast-track my growth
  • I know I need marketing
  • I don’t have marketing experience
  • I want to do my dental marketing right
  • I am not sure how to start
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  • I’ve been doing my marketing alone
  • My marketing is not working
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  • My competition is rising
  • No new patients are coming
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To Dominate My Market

  • My practice can’t break $1-2M in revenue
  • My current dental marketing is not working
  • I want to add some team members
  • I want my website to be on top search results
  • I’m ready to maximize my revenue
That's Me

Before working with Neil and Rise, we had one person working on our AdWords account and SEO that we really didn’t see any measurable results from. Neil was able to show us exactly how many patients he was bringing us every month, and all the engagement numbers coming from our website and social media. We’re now consistently seeing about thirty new patients per month as a result of his work. I couldn’t be happier with what they’ve been able to do for us, and would highly recommend them as an all-in-one solution for any practice.

Nick Kizy

Owner Sterling Dental Sterling Heights, MI

Brittani is amazing! She truly cares about her clients and will do what it takes to make sure you thrive! Her attention to detail and followup is greatly appreciated, I know I can count on her to be on top of our needs. Would highly recommend her to anyone!

Denise Luedtke

Office Manager at Filson Gentle Dentistry

Brittani is absolutely TOP NOTCH. She’s more than happy to take a look at your practice or business and give you an analysis on what she thinks she might be able to do for you, but I can tell you right off, if given the chance, she can blow the roof off your place with new clients. Our dental practice had been using traditional marketing for a year with low to average results. Brittani stepped in and with intense dedication and skill, helped turn our practice around. It took 15 months to double our average monthly production. Granted, due to COVID-19, our March 2020 was “only” up 76% vs March 2019, but most of our sector had been DOWN 50-70%. She knows how to integrate all of the backend digital elements to work together like a magic potion- I don’t know exactly how she does it; I just know it works.

Dan Nydegger Owner

Pleasant Dental Care

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