7 Easy steps to claim Google My Business for Dentists

7 Easy Steps To Claim Google My Business Page For Dentists

Claiming your dental practice’s Google My Business page is one of the notable dental marketing strategies you need to set early on.

When marketing for dentists, your first goal is to increase your online presence.

That is why Google My Business will help you achieve that.  

GMB is a free and effective tool that lets you promote your dental practice on Google Maps and Google Search Results.

Why Do I need to set my Google My Business Listing for a Sustainable Dental Marketing Strategy?


Your Google My Business listing is one of the most effective tools for any local business growth strategy.

That is why you have to consider it a priority in your dental marketing strategy.

Google My Business is also faster than SEO and cheaper than paid search advertising.

With Google My Business, it will help you see and connect with your patients, post your latest updates on your GMB profile, and analyze how your patients are interacting with your practice on Google.

It will also help you support your dental marketing efforts if you want to run ads, incorporating different marketing strategies.

That’s why it’s so important to set up and claim your Google My Business page for your practice.

Benefits Of Having Google My Business for your Dental Practice

  • Reach your online audience with Google Maps searches.
  • Increase your online visibility for local searches and location visits.
  • Build trust with your patients.
  • Boost credibility with five-star reviews from your listing.
  • Provide valuable insights about your brand, audience, and patient engagement.

How to Claim Your Google Your Business Account For Dental Practice

You probably have decided to create your Google My Business account for your dental practice but don’t know how or where to start.

No worries! There are tons of dental marketing agencies that can help you set up your Google Your Business account.

In the meantime, you can start by doing your research to see if somebody has already claimed your dental practice.

Yes, that happens.

After checking and if you did not see any panel on the right side of your Google search when you search your office or your residential dentists, Congrats! That means you can officially claim your dental practice.

Let’s check out the next steps.

How To Claim Google My Business Page In 7 Easy Steps

Step 1: Sign up

Visit business.Google.com and sign up using the email address you like to associate with your Google my business account and listing.

Use an Incognito browser session when using multiple Google accounts regularly to prevent log-in issues.

Step 2: Check Your Business Name Availability

Type in your dental office name. When your dental office name appears in the dropdown, you can now claim your listings.

If you can’t find your practice on search results, click or select the “Add your business to Google” option and type your dental practice’s name.

Step 3: Pick Your Business Category

The next step is to choose your business category.


If your general practitioner, you can type “dentist” or “dental clinic” as your category.


If you have any other specialty, pick a more specific category.


The more specific you are, Google can help you get seen in local search results with people who search for terms related to your business category.


Take your time to select your primary and other additional categories.


It’s also important to note not to include too many categories as it might weaken your score for each category.


The fewer categories you are focused on, the better results you will reap for local searches and dental visits.


If this is challenging for you to decide which categories suit the best for your practice, ask your dental marketing agency to select them for you. 


Step 4: Add Your Business Location

After selecting the appropriate categories, Google will ask if you want to add your location for customers to visit you.

Answer it with “yes.”

Step 5: Include Your Business Address

The next step is to enter your complete business address.

Be specific so Google can help you optimize the search results for you and people looking for your dental office.

After done encoding, your complete and correct address, double-check before finalizing anything.

 Step 6: Answer Additional Location Verification

After entering your business address, Google will ask you if you serve your customers outside your given location.

Answer “no” since your patients visit your dental office for a dental appointment. 

Step 7: Add your office number and Website

Type your dental office business phone number and your dental website URL.

Double-check your information before you submit it.

And You’re Done!

After completing the seven steps and claiming your listing, expect to receive a phone call or postcard to be officially verified.

If you request a postcard, you have to wait within 14 days for delivery.

If no delivery arrived within the time frame, contact business support and ask for help for verification.

Are you Ready To Rise?

Congrats! You have officially claimed and optimized your Google My Business Page.

You are one step closer to meeting your local patients online at your dental office!

The next step is to keep your GMB account active every week.


If you are looking for a team to help you grow online and bring more patients to your practice through local searches, seek support from a reputable dental marketing agency that knows how to list and optimize your Google My Business Page.

Contact us for a free 30-minute discovery call to learn more about our dental marketing services.