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Holiday Marketing Strategies That Will Make Your Patients Go Merry

The holiday season has arrived!

During this time, everyone is on the hustle of looking forward to meeting your friends, family, or events.

With all the things happening during December, you might lose focus and time to come up and execute your dental marketing strategies as we rush through next year.

However, marketing for dentists during this season is a once-a-year opportunity to connect more with your patients personally and increase your patient retention and success.

It is the perfect time to refresh your existing patients about your dental practice and advance book dental appointments with new patients to your office.

The great news is we have a lot of festive holiday dental marketing strategies and ideas that will bring some holiday magic to your dental practice and spread Christmas cheer that lasts into the new year.

1. Send Holiday Cheers With Stand Out Newsletter

With all the emails that we receive during holidays, you need to create a holiday letter that is memorable for your patients.

For this holiday, create a detailed email expressing gratitude to your patients for all your dental office’s milestones and achievements this year.

Letting them know that they are part of your whole year’s success and progress makes your greetings personal and includes them as part of your dental office community and family.

Celebrate the total number of patients you treated this year. Use this opportunity to introduce new services and greet your new patients.

End your email sending gratitude to your patients, and wish them the best of the season and a prosperous new year.

Tip: Encourage them to book in advance for next year and offer them a discount for booking during the holiday.

Thinking of what Holiday promos you can give to your patients? Keep reading and check out this next dental marketing strategy.

2. Surprise Your Patients With Holiday Promo

Since Christmas is a busy holiday, this will be an opportunity to remind your patient to book your dental services before the year-end.

Promote a year-end appointment and accommodate early evening appointments. That way, you can adjust to your patients’ hectic daily schedules.

Include discounts to spread the cheer this holiday. Offer a relaxation experience for patients who book appointments within this month and the next 90 days.

For better results, start your campaign at least weeks before your target holiday promo. A maximum of three days is optimal to run your promotions for faster turnover and engagement.

Need a more creative buzz for your promo? Ask a dental marketing agency for creative input and strategy.

3. Decorate Your Social Media With Festive Content

Social media marketing is a great dental marketing strategy regardless of the season. Utilize social media during the holidays. Here are some social media content and marketing ideas to make your patients go merry.

  • Create a classic Christmas Countdown.
  • Post a dental hygiene tip for Christmas.
  • Post your dental office decoration and encourage your patients to share theirs via comments.
  • Create and post a video of your holiday greetings with your staff for more personalized greetings.
  • Create your branded hashtag specifically for this Christmas and something related to your practice.
  • Use Facebook Pay Per Click ads to target specific audiences according to their age, location, interest, income etc.
  • Manage and advance schedule your holiday campaign via Hootsuite.

Lastly, Make sure that you engage in the comments section to your patients online.

Managing your social media this season might be overwhelming. That is why dental marketing agencies offer dental marketing services like this to ensure that your social media pages are updated this holiday.

4. Record Holiday Content Through Videos

Video marketing has paved the way for the dental marketing world. Dental marketing companies are utilizing videos for better results and ROI.

This holiday, create your Christmas videos and post them online to educate and entertain your patients.

Repurpose your videos and display them in your waiting room to educate them about oral health. Do you have a holiday promo? Create a video and flash them on your television’s content stream. Create a thank you video for your loyal patients.

Use the power of video marketing to your holiday dental marketing campaigns this season.

Tip: Just like holiday gifts, personalize your content according to your target patients to make them more memorable and genuine.

5. New Year, New Newsletters

This season, people are more motivated to create their new year resolutions. Utilize the month of December to encourage them to prioritize their oral health for the upcoming year.

This holiday, create your email campaign that promises dental hygiene tips every month by the upcoming year once they sign up with your e-newsletter.

It will help you build a list of high-quality clients throughout the year.

Create dental hygiene tips and diet. It will also help them remember to book their dental checkup for the rest of the year.

Are you Ready To Rise?

We have discussed the different holiday marketing strategies that could help your dental practice celebrate more with your patients this season.

It is better to prepare your dental marketing strategies and create a to-do list for this season. It will save a lot of time during the holiday rush.

Are you caught up with the holiday buzz? Rise DDS can help you with your holiday marketing ideas for your practice no matter what the season is.

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