The Ultimate Guide For Video Marketing Planning For Dentist

The Ultimate Guide For Video Marketing Planning For Dentist

The Rise of The Video Creation and Marketing

Today several companies are utilizing the power of video marketing to generate engaging leads. The demand to produce video content has increased this year (2021). An average person will consume 100 minutes of video watch time.

Brands understood that the written content and social media graphics alone are not enough to engage consumers. A staggering 92% of digital marketers strongly expressed that video is a great tool to promote marketing activities. Video content from brands is favoured by 54% of the consumers.

Before, marketing for dentists using video marketing was more challenging to create as videos are technically challenging to publish consistently and more expensive to produce.

Thanks to user-friendly software and digital marketing agencies, several startups and other companies to join the video marketing wagon. In fact, In the United States alone, digital video marketing is a $135 billion industry. Businesses and brands already know the demand for videos from their consumers and the growth opportunities in video marketing.

The question is, do you want to apply this type of dental marketing and its abundant growth to market your practice?

For some, you probably know the importance of video marketing.

There are many factors why your dental practice hasn’t released any branded video content just yet, or maybe you are not producing branded video content regularly.

That is why we created the ultimate guide for video marketing planning for dentists like you.

Let’s get started!

Setting Your Video Marketing Strategy

Every dental marketing type has its strategy. A well thought research and plan set you up for your video marketing production and success.

Here is the step by step process on how to plan your video marketing strategy:

  1. Identify your video end goal
  2. Specify your target audience
  3. Leverage The Power Of Storytelling
  4. Check your creative sources requirements
  5. Follow your timeline.
  6. Maintain a Realistic Budget

1: Identify Your Video End Goal

Consider which type of dental marketing funnel you want to focus on which is your target priority. The goal of your video should catch attention in its first 3 seconds. It should raise awareness and show how to solve the problem and create a decision. Each funnel has different goals. Each goal needs to have a video that achieves those.

The video marketing funnel

2. Specify Your Target Audience

There are the riches in the niches. If you narrow your target audience, your message will be customized based on their behavior which is more likely to engage and get better results. In creating your client avatar, identify who your dental service is for.

Be specific such as their daily routines, hobbies, where they can be seen most of the time (online or in an office), financial status, the type of insurance they use if they have one. The more narrow you are, the more vivid your dental marketing strategy will be.

3. Leverage The Power Of Storytelling

Storytelling is the highest form of connecting. Outlining your story will help you visualize the scenes in sequence.

Each story element should take the viewer on a journey and align with your brand’s mission.

Consider the emotion you want your audience to evoke. Does it happiness, excitement, inspiration? It can be many different feelings. Take notes of those feelings and incorporate them with your script.

If you think this process takes time for you, hire a dental marketing agency to help you out with the story concept and your script.

Four Elements of a great video

4. Check Your Creative Sources Requirements

As you create your story, note the people who will need to approve your video before actually producing it (your co-owner, your marketing department, staff etc.) and the turnover to implement their feedback.

5. Commit to Your Timeline

When you plan your video, take note of your timeline and deadlines. Each stage should have a timeline. The planning, production, marketing timeline should be on the track. It will help you and your team to be informed about the things to do at a given moment and the changes in deadlines.

Have a hard time managing your marketing schedule? Tons of dental marketing agencies can help you out to keep your schedules on track throughout your timeline.

Video marketing planning timeline

6. Maintain a Realistic Budget

Any dental marketing activities and efforts will also depend on your practice or department budget.

You can choose to have your shoot in-house or hire a dental marketing agency or production company to create your video.

Ask dental marketing agencies for reference of how much these services such as scriptwriting, directing and video shoot, video editing and social media distribution and marketing. Make sure to research thoroughly to meet your budget and the video quality that you need.

Final Thoughts:

Video marketing is an effective dental marketing tool as it demonstrates its effectiveness in engaging and converting your audience into loyal consumers. Companies are now starting to see the value of investing in video creation as more consumers stay engaged with a brand that has more video content.

We have discussed the different video marketing planning stages and provided tips on how to plan each process. For a busy dentist like you, who wouldn’t have the time to master or DIY your video? Ask a dental marketing agency if they offer dental marketing services like this to ensure your video marketing success. You can call us for a free 30-minute discovery call.