5 Easy Dental Marketing Tricks To Promote Your Practice This Halloween

5 Easy Dental Marketing Tricks To Promote Your Practice This Halloween

If you think quarantine will stop consumers from celebrating Halloween this season, think again. This 2021 Halloween sale is going up to 48% compared to the last 2020 Halloween candy sales.

Though you might not like cavities for your patients, this season is also an opportunity for you to give them tricks, inform, entertain and educate them on how to take care of their oral health while enjoying their Halloween treats.

In marketing for dentists for this season, we came up with five easy dental marketing tricks to promote your practice this Halloween.


1. Let’s Get Dressed!

Whether you have a child patient or someone young at heart, This is an opportunity for you to invite your patients to wear their costumes to their actual dental appointments.

Create a social media campaign that invites your patient to wear their favourite costumes and offer a prize for the best costume winner at the end of Halloween. You can also give a prize discount to the actual patients who arrive in your office with their costumes during or their next visit.

Incorporate the call to action into your social media campaign to encourage them to like your Facebook page and tag their two friends as part of the competition.
You can take pictures of your patient with Halloween costumes and post them on social media for more engagement for your dental office.

Bonus Tip: You can dress up as a tooth fairy if you want to create humour and make your dental clinic more memorable and fun for your patients.


2. Knock, knock! Trick or Tiktok?

Ah yes, TikTok. It is one of the highest emerging social media platforms in the digital space, having 1 billion users for this app. That is why some dental practices use this app to create informational videos and spread awareness and engagement to their potential patients online.

You can post your tips for your patients on how to properly brush their teeth and other tricks to take care of their oral health during Halloween. Experiment with video content like creating a scary Tik Tok video telling a tale of a patient who did not go to the dentist for a decade.

You can also ask a dental marketing agency for content suggestions and inquire if they offer video creation under their dental marketing services. It might be something new for you to try, but with the right team to execute this dental marketing strategy.


3. Sweeten the Season with Candy Buyback

It is another dental marketing strategy for this Halloween to promote a cavity-free after this season. Promote this event on social media and encourage patients to bring back their candy to your dental office (where the event will occur) in exchange for cash, coupons, discounts, or Halloween hygiene kits for kids.

Add instructions for your target patients to like your Facebook page and tag two friends in the comment section to participate in this event.

You can donate all the treats to non-profit organizations you like. It is the best of both worlds for your practice, your patients and the betterment of your community.

You can inquire from dental marketing agencies to assist you with this type of campaign.


4. It is Time to Decorate Your Office!

Transform your dental office into a Halloween theme interior. It is the perfect time to be creative and fun for your patients to enjoy visiting your dental office this season while promoting oral health.

Creating a Halloween theme such as a Dental Dungeon can be fun with the funny decorations on every corner of your office. It will help your anxious dental patients ease their anxiety to attend their appointments.

Use this season to create a fun and welcoming office to build a patient office. This dental marketing idea is one of the classic but timeless ways to promote your practice.


5. Create “Spooktacular” Trending Content

Using trending content can help your practice anchor this to your field creatively to your patient’s experience.

Create a funny meme for faster social media engagement.

Given example is utilizing Netflix’s megahit show: Squid Game. It is an action thriller survival drama that sits on top of the latest Nielsen streaming rankings.

You can use some remarkable scenes from this show or other shows that you prefer and recreate some funny and relatable memes during this Halloween.

Given an example of the Squid, the Game scene was during the Red Light, Green Light game. One of the legendary scenes was when the protagonist, Seong Gi-hun runs and slipped into one of the dead player’s hands. Ali; another player held him as they try to balance and stay still so they can both survive.

You can apply this scene to when you try to “save” your patient’s oral health during Halloween. Here is a clever and funny example of it.

If it is creatively challenging for you to create trending content on your own, ask some dental marketing companies to assist you.

Final Thoughts:

Halloween season is almost near and what more you can do as a dental practice is celebrate together with your patient.

We discussed five easy dental marketing strategies you can incorporate into your practice to help you engage with your patients, boost your online presence and serve the community as well.

For more dental marketing ideas for your marketing calendar, you can book a free discovery call here.