Neil Featured on Nexhealth’s “How I Grew My Practice” Podcast

🎙 Had a really great time with Alec Goldman on “How I Grew My Practice” where we deep dive on what dental marketing strategies are working best in 2023, and what is nonsensical fluff (if you know, you know).

I’m particularly passionate about helping practices market in the midst of a recession, and we cover what I strongly believe is the best way to bring in more quality new patients in hard economic times. We also talk AI, robots, front desk hiring, and quite a few other things – in 20 minutes no less!!

We cover:

•How to best track your marketing, and hold your marketing partner accountable so you don’t waste money

•How to fully leverage what Google can do for your practice in 2023

•Why you should build relationships with local urgent cares (and how to do it)

•How to build a great social media marketing arm for your practice for FREE (yes, free)