3 Secrets Of Successful Dental Referrals

The 3 Secrets Of Successful Dental Referrals

How to Get More Successful Dental Referrals

The power of word-of-mouth marketing has proven its effectiveness as a form of social advertising in any business structure. A Harvard Business Review study shows that clients gained via referrals are more high-quality clients and displays brand loyalty.

Marketing for dentists using dental referrals has made many dental offices build their credibility online and within their community. This type of dental marketing strategy is easier to implement after you showcase the quality of your service to your existing patients.

Today, we will discuss the three secrets of dental referrals and how each referral type can increase endorsements from your existing dental patients, local businesses and community and definitely, the internet.

Success Secret #1: Internal Referrals

Internal referrals are coming from your existing dental patients’ positive feedbacks on your dental services and practice to other people. This type of referral has a high conversion rate to drive new patients because the reviews come from your existing patient reviews. If you want your current patients to recommend your dental office, here are the dental marketing tips that you can use:

Tip 1: Ask Your Patients

There is no harm in asking your loyal patients to refer to your dental practice.
Time your request to make it effective. If your patients are satisfied after the dental treatment, ask for referrals.

Try giving a branded gift bag for them to take home. Your patients will love to bring it with them afterwards.

Tip 2: Build An Internal Referral System

Create a referral section on your website to help your patients refer you easier. Discuss how your dental referral works and include a sharable link for them to share.

You can also try a traditional approach like handing out a survey via paper pad in your office. Ask your patient after the dental treatment or procedure for their feedback and introduce your referral program.

Tip 3: Create a Reward Program

A reward system can motivate your dental patients to recommend you to their social circles.

A free dental cleaning or check-up could help your dental patients remember your reward program. You can create a point system or give a discount to credit on their upcoming dental procedure.

Success Secret #2: External Referrals

External referrals can come from businesses and organizations. You can partner with a company or your community for value exchange. To break it down, here are the dental marketing tips that you can use to implement external referrals:

Tip 1: Build Relationships within Your Community

Building a healthy relationship with businesses and organizations can be meaningful as long that each party benefits. Exchange your dental brochures with your partnered business or organization with theirs and place them in your dental office and vice versa. You can also exchange positive online reviews with them and promote them on social media.

Success Secret #3: Online Referrals

One of the most effective referrals is online referrals. Established positive online reviews from your patients help your practice to drive new patients. Use these dental marketing tips to maximize your positive reviews on the digital space.

Tip 1: Ask for Google Reviews

Potential patients do their research and search you on Google. Positive reviews will give a great impression about your credibility to your practice. Once you create a Google My Business account, you can start asking your patients to leave a positive review on Google.

Tip 2: Social Media for Dental Referrals

Ask your patients to like and leave a review on your Facebook page. Create a widget that lets your patients send referrals to your practice via email or social media.

Ready To Rise?

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