Ultimate guide for video distribution and marketing for dentists

The Ultimate Guide For Video Distribution and Marketing For Dentist

Distributing Your Dental Marketing Video

Distributing your dental marketing video on your channels is vital for your video success. It is the process of creating a product or service available for the consumer or business.

When you decide to distribute your video, make sure it matches your dental practice mission and vision and overall dental marketing plan.

Today, we will discuss the three ways on how to distribute your video using owned, paid, and earned distribution channels. Having the right balance to video distribution can boost your video engagements, spread your brand awareness and convert patients at every stage of the marketing funnel.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Owned Channel

An owned distribution is when you distribute your content on your channel. Using this moment will help you control the publishing date, your audience and your distribution strategy.

You can start by posting your dental marketing video on all your channels like your website, social media handles, email list, digital products, apps, etc.

Here are some of the owned channels that you can use to you should use to distribute your video:


Include your video on your different website page. It will increase the chance of your video getting more views when posted across your website.


If you already have a dental blog, it is also a great dental marketing strategy to include your videos on your blog content. It will be easier for you to distribute and promote your video if you have informational and helpful content already to your audience.

Social Media (organic)

As of 2020, the Facebook video post engagement rate is 0.26%. It also drives 1,200 percent more shares than a post with links and images.

That is why social media is one of the best channels to post your video. Post your videos on all your social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Take note that each channel has different video resolution requirements.

Recommended Video Resolution:


In marketing for dentists, Email distribution is one of the easiest ways to promote your dental office since leads who signed up on your email newsletter have already had an interest in your service and your content. Since you own the channel, you can publish it via promotional email or weekly newsletter.

2. Paid Channel

Aside from organic posting your video on your social media channels and website, Investing in your video distribution is vital to generate engagement on your video. It requires a balance of paid and organic reach to make the video engaging.

Here are some of the ways to integrate paid distribution:

Paid Social Media Post

Unlike Organic posting exposed to your followers on social media, paid posting helps you increase your reach by customizing your target avatar. In the paid posting, you can narrow down your target demographics such as their age, income levels, interest, location etc. It will filter your desired audience on your video.

You can start a paid post on your social media channels. Before posting, be mindful of the Facebook, Instagram and other social media advertising guidelines so your video will not get flagged and ultimately maximize its potential to reach more people to invest in your dental services.

If online advertising is challenging, there are dental marketing companies that can assist you.

Sponsored Content

It is a paid form of content by a company to promote another company produced in written, photo or video content to inform the viewer about your brand. The content delivery is still the same delivery on how a site creates its content.

It makes the sponsored content more authentic than a typical hard sell in your face copy. Because of this type of approach, sponsored content gets organic reach and engagement.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has changed the consumer behaviour game. 49% of consumers depend on what their favourite influencers recommend. Also, 40% had purchased something after seeing a product or service posted on Twitter, YouTube or Instagram.

Influencer marketing is when you reach out to influencers, or social accounts with huge followings, to promote your content, product, or services. Some Influencers may ask for a value exchange like your product/s or service for them to share your content.

There are also influencers with huge followings who may ask for monetary gains. When picking the influencer, be sure that their brand is in line with your brand. Check their engagement rate and if their following is legit.

If this might be challenging for you to find the right influencer to promote your dental marketing video or content, a dental marketing agency can help you choose the right influencer for you.

3. Earned Channel

Earned video distribution is generated organically for your brand’s content which you did not create or pay. For example, your patient mentioned your dental office Facebook page after his appointment without paying them to do so.

Other examples of the earned channels can be:

Social Media

Social media content posting about your service is a classic example of an earned channel. Encourage your friends or family to share your services or content. Make sure you ask them ahead of time and schedule your content early. Of course, do not forget to share your social media post on your account. Keep the ball rolling by creating incentives like giveaway raffle online.

Online Customer Reviews

Online reviews can increase your credibility. It can be from Google My Business review section, blog or website, or social media channels.

You can ask your patients to record a video testimonial or ask them to write an online review from your dental video in the comment section or your actual Facebook page or GMB. You can incentivize their positive reviews through discounts on their next visit or giveaway in return.

Traditional PR

Depending on the quality and type of your video, Televisions or radio channels may cover it. You can start reaching out to your local television or radio admin and look for shows targeted at your dentistry.

When contacting producers or writers of a show, remember that it is not about you. The key is to put yourself in their shoes and help them create content that could complement their theme for the upcoming month/s.

Perhaps, you can pitch the idea to a health talk show on how to take care of your teeth during the Christmas season and provide your dental video tutorial with your website and social media links on it. They got their content, and you got the exposure.

For PR efforts and strategy, dental marketing agencies can help you do the Traditional PR outreach for you.

Influencer Marketing

It is a type of dental marketing where an influencer recommends your service. It can mention it via video or social media posts. Your dental service can be used as a value exchange to implement this type of partnership.

It can be worth it as long as you know that the influencer you want to partner with your dental office is in line with your branding, has a legit following (no ghost followers) and has at least 3.5% and 6% engagement rates.

Which Type Of Distribution Should I Use?

When you plan, produce and distribute your video, it requires your goals as to why you created the video in the first place and your overall strategy.

It is all about trying the three distribution methods and assessing the return of impression and dental appointments on each. Research where your target avatar is available and focus on which distribution has the highest engagement.

Owned distribution is a great place to start since you have control of your content and channels. The more owned channel you have, the higher the chance to test which channel works the best.

For paid distribution, test every paid channel and dedicate your budget to the high converting audience.

Lastly, since earned distribution is free, it can be uncontrollable because cross-promotion or sharing can be from every online consumer.

Control what you can control like, your SEO ranking, to increase your online presence. Build better relationships with your online patients through replies or comments that can help you build your connection, engagement, and ROI. Be mindful of which earned channel will help you with your video goals.

Are You Ready To rise?

Just like video planning and producing, video distribution is a vital element in your dental video marketing. We have discussed the different types of video distribution, its examples and tips to distribute your dental video on those channels.

The key to successful video distribution is to try different channels to asses which have the greatest return of engagement, impression, and ROI.

Distributing, testing, assessing each channel might take some time. If you want to outsource this task, you can ask a dental marketing company to help you with their dental marketing services such as video production and distribution. Discover your video production and distribution needs. Get your 30-minute free discovery call today with us!