4 Tips On How To Know If Your Hired Dental Marketing Agency Is Worth Investing

4 Tips On How To Know If Your Hired Dental Marketing Agency Is Worth Investing

Dentistry is a progressive industry due to increased demand up to 64.9% last 2019 as dental patients visit a dentist at least once in the past.

Thanks to The American Dental Association Health Policy Institute’s contribution, the significant growth of young and diverse dentists continues through 2037.

With the increased influx of dentists on board within your local area that offer the same services for the same clients, marketing for dentists has proven effective in helping any dental practice keep their existing and new patients coming in.

With dental marketing companies becoming more available, Its growth trajectory will increase up to 10% from the year 2016 to 2026. It is a faster average growth rate compared to other industries.

Before you start investing or checking out dental marketing agencies available online, or in case if you already hired one, you might want to know what are the four things to consider if your hired dental marketing agency is worth the investment.

1. Work Ethic and Integrity is On-Peak

Integrity is part of the game. Do they put the work from their promises? If so, is it on time, do you see any results, or do you hear crickets on your campaign as time goes?

Ensure that all deliverables have been executed on time and effectively. It reduces any type of misunderstanding and waste of investment.

Double-check if all the dental marketing services that you invested in are currently working.

Check if your website is working and secure. How was your web loading time?

Are you on top search results for local searches within the timeframe that they promised?

Do they report to you the website traffic, leads, and the number of booked patients from their campaign within the timeline?

Though marketing and lead generation takes time, a year of working with your agency should be enough to produce results and sales conversion.

Lastly, ask yourself: “Can I assign the dental marketing services to my employee and create the same results?”

If you started to believe that you can do it by yourself, then better find a new agency.

2. Their ROI should answer your Why’s

According to Web Strategies, for a B2C business model, you should invest your money at 15.6% of revenue on marketing.

So if you want to book more patients, use this data as a reference point investing in your marketing spends.

However, note that as your campaign reports progress, your dental marketing spend should also adjust depending on the quality of leads you want to target.

When you decide on the budget, you have to identify your ROI. There are factors that you can ask during your agency’s reporting such as:

  • The number of leads they bring in
  • Sales made per campaign
  • The average revenue per sale
  • Profit margin
  • The lifetime value of a lead cost per campaign

Determining how the best dental marketing agency proves its ROI to clients can be possible as long as you know the variables you are looking for on every dental marketing campaign.

3. Updated Technology and Best Practices

Your goal on every dental marketing campaign should be supported and monitored with technology, tools and best practices that your dental marketing agency is using.

Do they use a platform that can accurately track your sales cycle?

Note the tools that they mention during their presentation and check the tool reviews.

Check how well-versed they are. Do they report to you the latest consumer behaviour data? Do their blogs are creating value bomb content?

Does your agency’s site loading time is fast enough? If they claim to use the latest tools and technology, it should also show on their website and social media channels.

Do they have a consultant that can help overlook dental practices’ operational systems? Do they offer training for your staff on how to greet your patients properly on a call?

A well-versed dental marketing agency is an expert in a different channel and can help you scale up your dental marketing and operations.

4. Bottom-line and Timeline

When deciding if your dental marketing agency is worth the investment, depending on the variables to consider, the results should start showing at least 1, 2, 9 months after or more depending on the goal.

Understand that every dental clinic is unique. The channels it uses, target avatar, and their budget so results will vary per business.

The paid marketing campaign, SEO and organic marketing may work wonders with each other and not all the time, paid campaigns might get the expected results faster.

Variables like; target demographics, weaker copy, campaign designs, or schedules can be a factor.

Final Thoughts:

Dental marketing is a game-changer in the competitive world of dentistry. It helps attract high-quality dental patients, boost impressions and sales conversion. We covered the four factors to know if your hired dental marketing agency is worth the money.

If you already hired one and saw a red flag, you can always find another agency. Ensure that you hired a well-versed and experienced agency that can execute your dental marketing plan and show visible results within the campaign timeline. Book a free discovery call with us today.