5 Great Tips To Brand Your Dental Practice

5 Great Tips To Brand Your Dental Practice

In any successful business, your dental practice needs to have a memorable brand. An established and consistent branding will help your practice stand out.

Your dental practice brand is your promise to your patients. The expectations that they will get from your service, your team and your practice.

Your branding is also how you portray an image of your dental practice derived from you, who you are and your team.

In marketing for dentists effectively, your brand awareness and the value of your practice is the frame that will help you to stand out from the competition and generate new patients. Take note that a better brand means better dental marketing results.

When building your dental brand, you have to raise positive emotion, strong enough for them to take action.

Before we give you tips to brand your dental practice, let’s discuss what branding is.

According to the American Marketing Association, a brand is “a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s goods or service as distinct from those of other sellers.”

Take note that the word was “distinct.” There are a lot of dental practices that offer the same services within your area. That is why your dental practice name, marketing collateral and designs, and message should separate you from the competition.

Positioning Your Dental Practice Brand

When positioning your brand, you have to understand the brand fundamentals and components.

It will help you create a consistent brand that will resonate with your target audience in dentistry. The brand components and fundamentals are the following:

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Guidelines
  • Logo
  • Website
  • Media

Today, we will discuss the five great tips to brand your dental practice.

1. Identify Who You Are A Practice, Your Mission and Vision

In branding your dental practice, you need to know who you are. It should answer beyond your expertise and services, but this should answer the question as to why your patient should choose you over other dentists within your area.

Use this list of questions for your discovery process and to answer and check what makes your practice different from the others.

  • What are my strengths and weaknesses as a brand?
  • What is my unique selling proposition?
  • If I were to create my marketing materials, what would it look likes?
  • How am I going to market my practice?
  • How will I strategically distribute my brand messaging consistently across different channels?

When answering this checklist, you need to be honest and diligently follow through in taking action on each answer.

The next thing you have to do is to create your mission and vision statement.

Your brand mission defines the purpose of building your practice and its impact on your community and the world. It answers the big “Why” you are doing what you are doing.

In crafting your mission statement, you have to be honest with your values and the impact you want to give to your patients and the community. It should also focus on what you are doing today.

By being truthful and pushing through with the inner work, you were able to identify how you are unique from other dentists within your city and finally resonate with the dental patients in line with your branding.

On the other hand, your brand vision is the long-term and sustainable goal you want to achieve. It should be concise and clearly explained. Your vision will serve as your organizational compass to track your progress. It focuses on your goals for tomorrow.

Hand in hand, your mission and vision hold the key for your practice’s long-term growth and sustainable goals in line with your branding.

It might be overwhelming to figure things out by yourself but, dental marketing companies can help you figure your brand identity and craft your mission and vision.

2. Create Your Unique Selling Proposition

An impactful dental branding requires your strengths and unique features that convert them into your unique selling proposition. In building your brand practice, you want your dental practice to come across as original rather than a commodity. Knowing who you are, your strengths, values and uniqueness will separate you from an endless competition to win the lower price for your dental service.

So getting your USP is important during the branding process.

In finding your secret sauce, start reflecting and answering these questions:

  • Who is my ideal target patient?
  • Why did I get into the dental profession?
  • What makes me unique as a person?
  • How are my techniques different from other practices?
  • Why do my existing patients still choose me?

It may take some time for you to think through how you can stand out when you offer the same services as your competitors.

Take some to ask your family, friends, your team and even your patients to describe their experience and a specific feeling they get from your practice.

Your USP should answer these questions:

  • What can you provide from your practice that is unique?
  • Why should someone set an appointment with you, instead of a variety of other options they have in hand?

Your USP is the heart of your brand message that makes your patients connect with you as a practice and on a deeper level.

Remember to take time to create your USP. Selling a target patient does not mean you will only say: I have 20 years of experience in dentistry.

Though this is also good, there is nothing unique about it as other dentists have the same years of experience. So be specific about your USP.

Perhaps your niche is more on Children’s dental care that eases a child’s dental anxiety when visiting for a dental check-up of procedures. From this, your USP can be: Children friendly Dental clinic for your Kid Anxiety-Free Dental Care.

It is now unique since you anchor the feeling they would get from the niche you focused on. So take your time and learn how to find the perfect angle for your practice.

An impactful dental branding requires your strengths and unique features that convert them into your unique selling proposition.

You want your dental practice to come across as original rather than a traditional commodity. Knowing who you are, your strengths, values and uniqueness will separate you from an endless competition to win the lower price for your dental service.

In finding your secret sauce, start reflecting and answering these questions:

  • Who is my ideal target patient?
  • Why did I get into the dental profession?
  • What makes me unique as a person?
  • How are my techniques different from other practices?
  • Why do my existing patients still choose me?

It may take some time for you to think through how you can stand out when you offer the same services as your competitors.

Take some to ask your family, friends, your team and even your patients to describe their experience and a specific feeling they get from your practice.

3. Create a Consistent Brand Look and Design

Once you know your unique selling proposition and brand identity, the next step is to create a consistent brand design.

A long-standing great brand impression for your dental practice needs to have a distinct and consistent brand design across different channels.

Brand design consistency increases your patient’s memory about your brand through colours, design elements, and how frequently you show up for your practice.

To start with, here is the list of the things you need to consider when building your brand design:

Brand Bible – This is your style guide that consists of a set of rules on how your brand should look. It will guide you to have a consistent look for your dental practice across different platforms and channels based on your organizational goals to support your USP.

Logo – It is your graphic symbol or customized text to identify your dental practice. Your logo is placed on your website and your social media profile, and the print banner.

Make sure that your logo represents your brand clearly and consistently and your practice purpose and personality.

Website– It is your online representation of your dental practice. Having a great design and optimized website can give a first great impression to your target patients.

Marketing Assets or Collaterals– This includes images, videos, brochures and social media graphic posters. Having customized and consistent media will gain more credibility and trust from your potential patients. You can hire a dental marketing agency to assist you in your dental clinic photoshoot to capture your office interior exterior, staff, and actual patients–with their permission.

Your company video can have a sneak peek of the actual owner, your team, explaining your why and what makes your practice different, an office tour, together with your patient testimonials.

With the right dental marketing agency, you can also create sets of explainer videos to educate your patients online about dental procedures.

Creating designs and marketing assets can take a lot of your time. The great news is there are a lot of dental marketing agencies that offer dental marketing services for your branding needs.

4. Create A Consistent and High-Quality Content

Content consistency is the key to building brand loyalty. You have to show up every time to your patients to create connections and trust with them.

If you also want to attract high-paying patients, you also need to keep on publishing high-quality content. Not just something that you can post just for the sake of posting.

Your content should always resonate with your values and brand voice. Aside from the benefits of your dental services, what type of communication style do you want to integrate across different channels for your practice?

Do you want to have a friendly but informational brand voice for your children-friendly dental clinic? Or do you want to instill credibility but a bit of a personal touch to target patients who have PPO type of insurance?

Each target patient demographic needs to have a distinct type of content.

Once you determine the content type and your brand voice, integrate it with your dental marketing strategy.

Have a different type of messaging length per channel.
Twitter has a text limit of 280 characters. Facebook has a text limit of 63,206 characters.

From this, be mindful of making the most out of your online post as there is an optimal reading time for the online audience until they get bored.

Your Facebook and Instagram bio should have at least consistent content of what your practice is all about. Each social media post should be showcasing who you are and your values aside from the dental services you offer.

Have a social media post at least 3-4 times a week across different channels to gather enough data if your brand designs capture and retain an audience.

The same goes for your website. It should have the same brand consistency across different website pages.

Have a quick check of your about section. Having a set of your certification indicated on your website is good, but of course, it is supposedly given that you have the experience.

The question is, what else can you bring to the table? You can try adding your interest or your quick backstory as to why you started your profession. Do you have any activity concerning the community you live in?

Showing that you are authentic and vulnerable at some point, will make you more relatable to your patients.

You have to leverage the power of storytelling so you will eventually create your marketplace and attract the best patients resonating well with you as a person, not just your practice.

Storytelling is the highest form of engagement. When you combine it with consistent and authentic content, your practice will set you apart from other generic and service-based content.

5. Build Your Brand Dental Marketing Plan

Branding is not just your colour scheme, logo or brochure. It is more on the strategy in line with your business goals.

When you plan for your dental marketing, you have to niche down to which channels you will only focus your dental practice.

Take note that your target patient will have different turnover rates.
For the business-to-customer transactions, it will have shorter touches to generate leads. For B2B, it requires six to eight touches.

So for your dental marketing strategy, you need to set a couple of persuasive marketing campaigns across different channels.

Create a set of blogs for your website and include a downloadable checklist in exchange for them to generate email leads. You can also conduct email marketing for your newsletter every week or promote your dental services promos and referrals.
Post a relatable holiday on social media to increase your organic reach through hashtags used for that holiday.

You can also be playful and post memes of funny reaction videos about dental care hacks you watch on Tiktok. It will make you more relatable and drive more traffic on your social media channels.

Lastly, you can run online ad campaigns on Facebook and Google for you to get seen on the top page of Google and your potential patients’ Facebook feed.

Creating a consistent and synchronized dental marketing strategy takes a lot of preparation and work to execute and analyze if there are any results.

Hiring a dental marketing agency to do the work for you will ease your worries about doing your dental marketing strategy and execution right.

Final Thoughts:

Branding your dental practice is a vital ingredient towards sustainable dental practice operations.

It is the soul of your dental practice and showcases your purpose of starting your practice. Without a strong brand, you will not be able to present your uniqueness outside your services.

Your patients might choose other offices that perfected and presented their branding well. We have discussed the brand fundamentals and the tips to brand your dental practice. However, if you want to ask for professional brand advice from experts, you can avail your 30-minute free discovery call here.

7 Easy Dental Website Checklist That Converts Traffic To Appointments

7 Easy Dental Website Checklist That Converts Traffic To Appointments

Many dental patients prefer searching and booking their dental appointments online.

That is why your website is a great dental marketing asset that you need to invest in for your practice.

In marketing for dentists, there are social media channels where you can create a page for your dental office. However, you cannot put all your cards on one deck.

Proving the importance of diversifying your online presence through a website was when Facebook and Instagram shut down last October 5, 2021.

Since many businesses were relying from these social media channels to operate, they were affected by this incident.

The key is to have a backup so that when social media moguls unexpectedly or permanently shut down, Your website will still keep your online presence run and book appointments for you.

When creating your website, remember that it should have a great visual impression on your potential patients.

In fact, According to research from Stanford University, 46.1% of people prioritize the website design as a determining factor of whether or not a business is credible enough.

Just like on every dental marketing strategy, your website should not only look aesthetically pleasing but should also be in line with your brand.

Its main goal is to inform your online visitors about your practice and services.

Your website visitors’ experience should be convenient, user-friendly and pleasing enough to make it easier for them to book dental appointments.

To help you see the key ingredients of what makes a great website, we have created a website checklist that will help you to convert traffic to actual dental appointments.

1. Clear Website Navigation

Your dental website design needs to be responsive and easy for patients to navigate.

Your website should be logical, and your content should be easy to understand and intuitive based on the screen size, and device orientation.

Your design elements should be high resolution, and your font style should be legible.

Since 63% of people search online using a mobile device, your website should also be mobile-friendly. Your website design and features should also look proportional on both browser and mobile devices.

Flexible navigation will help your potential patients to contact and book you easily in just a click away.

Your top bar and footer should include your contact information, alongside workable social media icons and links.

Make sure that you include click-to-call for your patients to book you.

It also creates better opportunities to contact your practice either through your number or social media channels.

Lastly, check your website speed. The ideal mobile speed is under two seconds.

Is the loading time at least 3 seconds or less? If it did not meet the required speed, consider removing installed plugins you don’t use, enable file compression, or remove bigger photos that affect the loading speed.

If you don’t know how to test your site speed or professionally check your site navigation, a dental marketing agency can help you accurately test and report your site.

2. Create Multiple Website pages and Asset

Dental marketing companies offer dental marketing services for website development that include website pages that showcase who you are as a brand, your service, testimonials, and contact details.

For your homepage, you need to capture the audience right from the start.

Make it clear and concise for your visitors who you are, your why, and what you are offering.

Have a balance of professionalism and personal touch on your homepage to make it relatable.

You can redirect your audience to your “about us” section of your website to know more about the history of your practice and story, expertise and your team’s overall experience in dentistry.

You can also include a quote that is related to your brand promise for your patients.

Add a high-resolution of photos and videos of your office, team, and patients and sneak peek of your procedures and include a call to action to message you for inquiries.

It looks better to include your team’s photo and not just a stock photo so you can instantly build trust with your potential patients.

Speaking of trust, you can always ask your top patients for their testimonials. It will give you a credibility boost coming from your existing patients.

Then include a call to action button to contact or book you online. Your contact information should be visible on the bottom part (footer) of your website.

It includes your address, office hours, social media links and office numbers and email. It will also be better to embed a google map where your visitors can check your exact location, see your online reviews.

3. Brand Focused Website Copy

Your main website page needs to have a clear copy that represents your branding and unique value proposition.

Right from the start, you need to convey to your online visitors who you are, your services, and what makes your practice different from others using an impactful headline.

A great brand slogan will set you apart from your competitors.

Create a strong copy showcasing your offered value throughout your website pages.

A well-thought description of your services and packages and how they benefit your patients stand out amongst the competition.

If you want to have a highly converting copy, you can create a survey to your top patients to help you develop the commonly used language and cater those words to make your website copy.

Learn your target patients’ top fears and worries. How does their schedule would look like?

Create a copy that will answer all of those questions and doubts. Removing your patients’ fear and meeting in between their needs will lessen any questions, build rapport, and increase convenience for them to book you.

Hiring a dental marketing agency for a highly converting and brand-focused copy for your website is ideal if you want to stand out and convert your traffic to booked patients.

4. Call to Action Should Stand Out

Do you have any current promos for your patients? Utilize a call to action for this campaign on your homepage.

Make your buttons to book an appointment or sign up for your newsletter stand out.

Is it enticing to click? Use the correct colour, text, button design, and placement can help you grab attention for your patients to book your practice.

Your “book” buttons should be easier to recognize. Place them on the right part of the home page and other pages.

Add a patient online form on your website and add an option for patients to pay you online. Make it super easy for them to contact you from your call to action buttons.

If you are not sure what an effective call to action might look like, dental marketing agencies are offering consultation for which call to action suits the best for your dental practice goals.

5. Install Trusted plugins

Plugins allow your website to operate some features. They should be installed because your website will not run well without them.

Install plugins that are important for your WordPress site.

A WordPress Backup Plugins assist an installation backup and migrate or restore the crashed site. A security plugin to help your website be more secure.

A contact form plugin is needed to collect contact details and order forms and an SEO plugin is used to optimize your website for search engines. It also optimizes your content title, your meta descriptions or any keywords that you want.

Remember, only install plugins which are necessary because the more plugins installed on your website, the more plugin problems occur including slowing down your website.

As many fancy plugins, you can install, keep in mind that the goal of your website is to convert. If your users have a poor website experience due to a slow website from plugins, you will lose your customers. Remember, less is more.

6. Activate Google Analytics

Google Analytics keeps track of all your content that receives views and shares from your website and your level of progression.

From the data collected, you can improve the most viewed blogs to improve their appeal to the customers.

Google Analytics gathers the data of your blog page views. From the given data, you can improve your top blog to generate more traffic.

Ensure that Google Analytics is installed on your website to improve your chances of booking a patient or subscribing to your newsletter.

7. Create a Lead Magnet

Creating a lead magnet is an essential and powerful tool in dental marketing because it helps you build email lists from a willing target.

It helps you build rapport and customer relationships and improve sales. You can create a dental hygiene checklist to be given for free for your leads.

Make sure that even though it is a freebie, your patients will learn from it and improve their lives.
Once you create your lead magnet, create a social media campaign for gathering new leads.

If you want to create a professional lead magnet and execute an effective campaign, you can always ask a dental marketing agency to do it for you.

Final Thoughts

Aside from having social media pages for your dental practice, having a website during this digital age is necessary. You need to have a backup to where you can still target your lead patients even when social media sites might shut down.

We discussed our seven easy dental website checklist to guide you on how to start or rebrand your website that converts your traffic into appointments.

Even though, this guide can help you kickstart your website, hiring a dental marketing agency for this type of dental marketing service will make your website development easy and make you book an appointment more effectively.

Not sure where to start with your website? Contact us for a 30-minute free dental marketing consultation today.

Why Your Dental Practice Needs A Marketing Agency

4 Reasons Why Your Dental Practice Needs A Marketing Agency

Being a dentist requires a full sense of responsibility and accountability.

From attending to your patients’ needs all day, making sure all your dental operations are intact, and your team is working together closely to serve your existing patients’ needs.

However, treating existing patients is equally as important as acquiring new ones. Getting new patients may be a bit out of the box for you especially most of your potential patients are online and traditional marketing such as radio ads or print marketing will not make the cut.

Dental marketing has evolved since we live in the digital era and online visibility and credibility are one of the bases of whether or not your potential patients will book an online appointment with you.

Whether your dental clinic has a website or a social media page, getting “ website traffics” or “clicks” from social media ads doesn’t mean your “do it yourself” dental marketing will convert into high-quality paying patients.

We all have 24 hours a day, and as a busy dental practitioner like you, you will not have the time to learn how marketing for dentists works nor ask an admin staff to become an instant dental marketing pro.

Outsourcing the right dental marketing agency for your dental practice can ease the weight of your shoulder of figuring things out by yourself.

To give a sense of clarity, here are the top five reasons why you need a marketing agency for your dental practice:

Guaranteed ROI

You might think that hiring a dental marketing agency might cost a lot, however, most dental marketing agencies are results-driven and flexible with their pricing. They make sure that your budget is for a specific marketing campaign that has a guaranteed return of investment by means of new patients coming in from their marketing effort.

If the campaign is not making the most return of investment, they provide additional insights to where you can focus your budget on other marketing campaigns that will achieve your desired return of investments. A reputable dental marketing agency has the ability to guarantee you a new booked patients’ name from the marketing campaign they have executed.

Consistent Marketing Strategy

Though dentistry is evergreen essential care, if you want to keep the money coming in, consistent dental marketing is what makes your existing and new patients keep booking.

As a busy dental practitioners like you, we understand that focusing and serving your patients is what you should be consistent with, and wearing multiple hats may result in overwhelm and disorganization.

The key is to plan consistent marketing campaigns planned throughout the first six months to a year’s worth. One dental marketing strategy alone is not enough to test to which marketing effort will result in a higher return of investment. A long-term marketing campaign can book consistent patients considering that number of patients booked can be seasonal.

Dental marketing companies have the manpower to create consistent marketing plans and to track campaigns from quarter to a year. They can help you create an inbound marketing process, attract actual high-paying new clients and retarget your existing patients consistently.

Target and generate high-Quality patients

The common misconception about high-quality patients acquisition and retention is that most patients will visit a clinic nearby. However, considering that most of your patients are online, dental clinics that hire a dental marketing agency can reassure that they can be seen on top search results when their patients search.

Setting an effective social media campaign targeting patients not only living within your area but regions outside your clinic and actually shows results of booked patients from that campaign is one of the advantages of hiring an experienced digital marketing agency.

Remember, that each patient has different dental care needs and setting multiple and effective dental marketing campaigns per defined targets will help you identify the common purchasing pattern of high-quality patients to the lower ones.

From there, you can strategize the perfect message for those high-quality leads and execute dental marketing services and strategies that can guarantee consistent high-paying clients booked every month.

Updated marketing software and forecasted trends

Having up-to-date software to execute your dental marketing operations and efforts is important in order to run multiple and automated dental marketing campaigns across different digital marketing platforms.

Hiring a reliable digital marketing agency can help you measure your metrics and report to you which campaign is not working or worth a long-term strategy for your dental practice. They have the time and resources to create content and strategy that targets and converts high-quality patients to paying ones. Trends and new social media platforms are being developed every year so hiring a dental marketing agency that has the experience to adapt and experiment with dental marketing strategies if there are sudden economic changes can provide long-term success to your dental practice.

Final Thoughts

Acquiring high-quality and consistent patients to your dental practice through dental marketing is also understanding the perks and benefits of outsourcing your dental marketing services and needs. Hiring a dental marketing agency like us can help you assess and plan your marketing strategy in the long run.

Effectively Connect With Patients and Market

How to Effectively Connect With Patients and Market Your Dental Practice during the pandemic

This global pandemic has affected various dental clinics as close contact is needed to operate emergency procedures and most dental associations have strongly recommended not to engage with non-emergency procedures.

It has caused most dental practices across the country to become limited in how they could serve patients and postpone non-emergency procedures.

We both know that there’s no certainty of when this pandemic will end. The key is to remove your patients’ fear of potential virus infection and create a sense of certainty when they set clinic appointments.

The best thing that you can do is to focus on what you can control right now such as your consistent connection to your patients and dental marketing efforts.

Embracing the new normal can also mean adapting to new strategies to keep your business open using the power of dental marketing to target your existing and new patients.

There are tons of ways in marketing for dentists like you, but here are some of the best ways that we think that can help you effectively connect with your patients, market your dental practice, and thrive even during a pandemic:

Be patient, and think like a patient.

Before you start creating dental marketing strategies for your dental practice, you have to put yourself in your patients’ shoes.

Understanding their pain, and fears of why they won’t go to your dental clinic can help you strategize what would be the best way to send the perfect message to your patients.

Check what could be the possible questions they could search online.

They might ask:: “Where is the nearest dental clinic that can perform a dental implant during a pandemic?” should have an answer, and that is to make sure that your dental clinic site is also on the top search result when they search.

If not, you might want to consider optimizing your website through dental marketing companies available online.

It’s time for Site Updates

Have a quick look at your website and check the loading speed and the links.

Create a FAQ page and be as detailed as possible from the office hours, contact numbers, or link for an online appointment, what to bring or wear before you enter the clinic, to specific procedures you only accommodate within a quarter.

Try creating a weekly blog that shows your clinic’s complete sterilization setup or tips to maintain your oral health during quarantine. This type of content can help ease your patients’ anxiety in attending your clinic and gain trust to book an online appointment from your site.

Your site reputation is important, so make sure that your website is on the top search results. You may consider asking for consultation from a dental marketing agency for further insights.

Social Media now is Your New Best Friend

One of the best ways to reach your patients is through social media since most of us are staying at home browsing the internet to be informed and entertained.

You can create a simple Facebook banner to show your clinic hours, or an infographic post showing your FAQ list.

Post at least 1-3 times a week on two online platforms. Make it positive, informative and personal while keeping the designs consistent. Use hashtags and your website link on every post.

Lastly, add a call to action to your Facebook page to book an appointment directly on your social media handles.

Videos, videos, everywhere…

Video marketing is booming right now, considering that online users have a short attention span, videos can help you engage, can create transparency, credibility, to your patients online.

You can also create a dental care video showing your clinic’s sterilization process, or a before and after a dental procedure video to boost your brand reputation and availability to execute specific procedures even during a pandemic.

Creating your own videos is possible, but If you want to lessen the stress of figuring things from scratch, there are reputable dental marketing agencies that can execute this type of content.

Personalise your email updates

Use your patients’ email to connect to them. Email marketing is another powerful dental marketing strategy that you might overlook.

Remember that social media platforms may close for good as well as your followers’ contacts, but as long as you have your patients’ email, you can still connect with them.

Send an email blast for all the important operational updates to your patients’ email.

Ask if they are still okay. Connecting with your patients on a personal level, will definitely create rapport. Some of your patients are located in a different area and a quick email update can save your patients’ time and travel effort for sudden travel restrictions within your clinic area.

A Final Thought

This global pandemic has affected dentistry tremendously with limited services available due to safety precautions for patients worldwide. However, you can always control how you communicate with patients and market your dental services through dental marketing. In this blog, we showed some of the simple and effective ways on how to do it.

Since most of you are focusing on personally serving your patients, it is better to seek a professional and reliable dental marketing agency to outsource your dental marketing needs.

If you are still not sure where to start, you can always get a free 30-minute consultation call to help you walk through the process for your dental marketing needs.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Consider Dental Marketing For Your Dental Practice

5 Reasons Why You Need To Consider Dental Marketing For Your Dental Practice

If you want to stay on top of the game and make your dental practice more profitable, it’s important to have a sustainable dental marketing plan for your dental practice.

In marketing for dentists, most clinics have relied on reputation, word-of-mouth marketing, and referral system. These have created a consistent influx of high-quality patients and a sustainable dental practice.

Though traditional advertising has done the trick, the fact remains that just like some of your patients’ teeth, these strategies will eventually decay over time.

Today, your target patients are online. At least 85 percent of consumers use the Internet to find local businesses and a whopping 72% of patients look for reviews when searching for clinics.

Dental marketing can help be visible online, reach a niche audience and deliver the right message for your target customers to acquire high-quality paying patients, and strengthen ties with existing ones.

You might feel overwhelmed on how to adapt to dental marketing to generate more revenue, but to clarify its perks, here are some of its benefits for your practice:

Boost Online Visibility

Your potential patients are more likely to book appointments from a clinic they’ve heard of before. Patients can research all the dental clinics they can visit and online reviews are also their basis if they will set an appointment with you or not.

Dental marketing plays a big role in establishing your credibility online. You can create insightful content online for your potential clients to be informed and entertained about your dental services and increase your chance of being remembered online.

Through SEO, it will be easier for your clinic to be seen online, analyze your target’s behaviour and execute marketing strategies that are in line with your brand message, value, and your services.

For some, you might feel that it’s a bit overwhelming to understand what SEO is about, but having a dental marketing agency will walk you through the learning process.

Generate high-quality leads

If you try to resonate with everybody, you will not resonate with anybody.

You may have the strategies in place, but the end goal of all dental marketing services is to target potential clients and to filter qualified leads and convert them into paying clients.

Qualifying high-profile clients and converting them to paying one is possible as long as you can analyze your target audience’s online behaviour and create marketing content that resonates with your target patients’ needs.

There are tons of dental clinics out there. Getting the riches from your niche is all about successfully creating a dental marketing campaign targeting only high-quality paying patients using a perfect message, at the perfect time and over the ideal channel.

Nurture existing leads

Aside from targeting fresh leads to your business, dental marketing can help you convert interested or existing patients into paying ones.

Consistent dental marketing efforts can help you create compelling content to remove the fear and your leads’ uncertainties. The successful sales process is about converting the feeling from uncertainty to an act of certainty.

There are dental marketing companies that can promise you “conversions” but the question is, what are the possibilities of guaranteeing a call from your existing patients to book an appointment with you?

Hiring a dental marketing agency should not only boost your site traffic but show visible patients’ names from their marketing efforts.

Measurable ROI and Success

Traditional advertising has no sufficient and transparent data available that can prove its effectiveness and if the conversions are coming from their platform.

That’s why dental marketing is effective because you can see the tangible analytics to which traditional advertising lacks.

You can now see the website statistics and check the number of site visits, clicks per page or the device used when they check your site.

From your social media campaigns, you will be able to see how much does it cost to curate paying leads or your cost per click and if it is even worth the money or marketing efforts.

From this data, You can think strategically about how to revise your website and content, your social media postings, and even your weekly newsletter.


Knowing about the perks and benefits of dental marketing is great but you might think: “This sounds awesome! But will it create a hole in my pocket?” The answer is not.

If you run a traditional marketing campaign for your dental clinic’s grand opening; you will have to consider the cost to hire a graphic designer, printing, and permit payment.

Social media marketing requires less overhead, making it more cost-effective.

In dental marketing, it is specific and measurable. You can see the numbers of how many people visited the site or click through the ads.

From there, you can launch campaigns and run a test online campaign to see which one works well and to stop the ones that cost more leads per click, and increase the budget for the ones that work well.

Final Thoughts

Dental marketing is the best way to market and generate patients online.

When choosing the right dental marketing agency, they should convert traffic to actual sales.

This is why Rise DDS is the leading dental marketing services provider that shows you actual visible results from their marketing efforts. Let us help your dental practice rise and thrive today. Book your consultation call here.

Why Dental Marketing Transparency Can Make Or Break A Business?

Why Dental Marketing Transparency Can Make Or Break A Business?

In dentistry, building a transparent brand sets your dental practice reputation apart from other dental clinics.

According to Label, Insights, a whopping 94% of will be loyal if the brand is transparent.

However, transparency creates brand loyalty and efficiency. It is an ingredient to increasing the retention rate and higher sales conversion to your new patients.

Though it is challenging for some dental practices to try dental marketing since it is not your niche, Dental marketing companies offer different dental marketing services that showcase transparency.

Today, we will discover some dental marketing strategies and how you can effectively execute transparent marketing campaigns that increase brand loyalty, sales conversions and dental appointments.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing that partners with influencers to endorse a product or service via product mentions on their social media handles.

You can choose the influencer you want to collaborate with your campaign based on their followings, engagement rate, expertise and if they are in line with your branding as a dental practice.

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing marketing channels.

Your conversions increase up to 10x more when your products or services are shared by influencers.

If you want to try influencer marketing, you have to express a sense of transparency during your campaigns. Disclose that your hired influencer is creating a sponsored post.

Create a specific account for your influencer dedicated only to your sponsored content from their account. It shows transparency that this is a sponsored post.

For effective campaigns, hiring dental marketing companies can help you choose an influencer that will perfectly fit your brand.

Millennial and Gen-Z Focused Marketing

According to Pew Research Center analysis of United States Census Bureau data, 56 million millennials are employed. They represent 35% of the total United States workforce.

They are the largest generation in the U.S workforce today and will later take over 75% of the global workforce.

A study from Oxford Economics, shows that Genz workers’ trajectory growth will be up to 51 million by 2030.

It shows that learning their purchasing behavior can help you understand and connect your dental marketing campaigns to younger consumers today.

One value these younger generations have is transparency.

Being authentic to your practice’s efforts is the recipe for marketing transparency. Otherwise, you will risk a large segment of this younger population.

Maximize this data by creating free content such as articles or videos to showcase your dental services. You can maximize your free content via ads since, according to Nielsen and Harris Online, 70-80% of Millennials think that ads are necessary for free content.

Dental marketing services like creating “Behind the scenes” videos of your dental office can show a personal side of your practice. You can also react to dental Tiktok hacks to show authentic emotions from your brand. Emotion connects with you to your patients.

Cause Marketing

Since most of your future patients will be Millennials, it is worth taking notes that a whopping 87% of millennials prefer to buy products or services with a social or environmental benefit and another 91% chooses a brand with a cause.

Cause marketing is a type of corporate social responsibility in which a brand campaign and purpose are to increase its profit while making the world and society a better place.

If you want to execute effective cause marketing campaigns for your dental marketing strategies, it needs to be genuine. Authenticity also shows transparency to your audience.

Whether it is raising funds for endangered species, or planting more trees, make sure that your goal is not only to raise funds. Your campaign should blend well with your brand, your values, philosophy and operations. It triggers your audience to follow through with your call to action.

Marketing for dentists via cause marketing can be tricky, but hiring a dental marketing agency can help you create effective campaigns.

Consumer Privacy-Focused Marketing

Privacy is one of the most important things you need to establish on every dental marketing plan.

Make sure that your site is encrypted and your patient’s sensitive information is safe. Your dental practice has the responsibility to inform your patients and be transparent about it if there is any privacy breach.

Otherwise, you might lose some customers.

For remarketing, collecting your patients’ information on your website is vital. However, make sure that they are willing to subscribe to your newsletter.

Otherwise, collecting data from cold leads may backfire. A recent study shows that 69% of mobile users delete emails that are not optimized.

So make sure you give your patients an option to provide their info voluntarily. Targeting warm leads increases open rates, your click-through rate and ultimate ROI.

Facing an honest and bad review

There will be a time that your dental practice is going to receive a bad review.

You might not be in control, but the way you respond to these reviews mirrors your practice.

You cannot hide problems under the rug as Google maps show all negative reviews on search results and impact your SEO ranking and efforts.

Have the courage to address this problem asap before it piles up.

If the review is from Google Maps or Yelp, claim your business first. Contact your customer and thank them for visiting your office. Ask for an apology and give any freebies for their next dental visit.

Do not take things personally. Be patient when replying, and trust me, it will pay off.

If you don’t know how to claim your business on Google or Yelp, ask a dental marketing agency to help you set it up.


Dental marketing plays a big part in increasing your practice traction and dental appointments. However, you must know how to engage your dental marketing campaigns authentically and truly connect with your patients.

It will give you a long-lasting impact on your patients, community or your cause.
We covered the strategies that you can apply to create transparency in your dental marketing efforts.

If you are transparent about the value your give, you don’t have to fool anyone. Patients will come to you.

Learn how to execute effectively dental marketing strategies that we mentioned. Book a free discovery call here.

4 Tips On How To Know If Your Hired Dental Marketing Agency Is Worth Investing

4 Tips On How To Know If Your Hired Dental Marketing Agency Is Worth Investing

Dentistry is a progressive industry due to increased demand up to 64.9% last 2019 as dental patients visit a dentist at least once in the past.

Thanks to The American Dental Association Health Policy Institute’s contribution, the significant growth of young and diverse dentists continues through 2037.

With the increased influx of dentists on board within your local area that offer the same services for the same clients, marketing for dentists has proven effective in helping any dental practice keep their existing and new patients coming in.

With dental marketing companies becoming more available, Its growth trajectory will increase up to 10% from the year 2016 to 2026. It is a faster average growth rate compared to other industries.

Before you start investing or checking out dental marketing agencies available online, or in case if you already hired one, you might want to know what are the four things to consider if your hired dental marketing agency is worth the investment.

1. Work Ethic and Integrity is On-Peak

Integrity is part of the game. Do they put the work from their promises? If so, is it on time, do you see any results, or do you hear crickets on your campaign as time goes?

Ensure that all deliverables have been executed on time and effectively. It reduces any type of misunderstanding and waste of investment.

Double-check if all the dental marketing services that you invested in are currently working.

Check if your website is working and secure. How was your web loading time?

Are you on top search results for local searches within the timeframe that they promised?

Do they report to you the website traffic, leads, and the number of booked patients from their campaign within the timeline?

Though marketing and lead generation takes time, a year of working with your agency should be enough to produce results and sales conversion.

Lastly, ask yourself: “Can I assign the dental marketing services to my employee and create the same results?”

If you started to believe that you can do it by yourself, then better find a new agency.

2. Their ROI should answer your Why’s

According to Web Strategies, for a B2C business model, you should invest your money at 15.6% of revenue on marketing.

So if you want to book more patients, use this data as a reference point investing in your marketing spends.

However, note that as your campaign reports progress, your dental marketing spend should also adjust depending on the quality of leads you want to target.

When you decide on the budget, you have to identify your ROI. There are factors that you can ask during your agency’s reporting such as:

  • The number of leads they bring in
  • Sales made per campaign
  • The average revenue per sale
  • Profit margin
  • The lifetime value of a lead cost per campaign

Determining how the best dental marketing agency proves its ROI to clients can be possible as long as you know the variables you are looking for on every dental marketing campaign.

3. Updated Technology and Best Practices

Your goal on every dental marketing campaign should be supported and monitored with technology, tools and best practices that your dental marketing agency is using.

Do they use a platform that can accurately track your sales cycle?

Note the tools that they mention during their presentation and check the tool reviews.

Check how well-versed they are. Do they report to you the latest consumer behaviour data? Do their blogs are creating value bomb content?

Does your agency’s site loading time is fast enough? If they claim to use the latest tools and technology, it should also show on their website and social media channels.

Do they have a consultant that can help overlook dental practices’ operational systems? Do they offer training for your staff on how to greet your patients properly on a call?

A well-versed dental marketing agency is an expert in a different channel and can help you scale up your dental marketing and operations.

4. Bottom-line and Timeline

When deciding if your dental marketing agency is worth the investment, depending on the variables to consider, the results should start showing at least 1, 2, 9 months after or more depending on the goal.

Understand that every dental clinic is unique. The channels it uses, target avatar, and their budget so results will vary per business.

The paid marketing campaign, SEO and organic marketing may work wonders with each other and not all the time, paid campaigns might get the expected results faster.

Variables like; target demographics, weaker copy, campaign designs, or schedules can be a factor.

Final Thoughts:

Dental marketing is a game-changer in the competitive world of dentistry. It helps attract high-quality dental patients, boost impressions and sales conversion. We covered the four factors to know if your hired dental marketing agency is worth the money.

If you already hired one and saw a red flag, you can always find another agency. Ensure that you hired a well-versed and experienced agency that can execute your dental marketing plan and show visible results within the campaign timeline. Book a free discovery call with us today.

How To Attract High-Quality Dental Patients

How To Attract High-Quality Dental Patients

As a dental practice owner, it is a no-brainer if I ask you if you want to book more patients. The question is, are you filtering your patient for your dental practice to thrive?

There are tons of dental marketing companies that offer different dental marketing services but are the proposed strategies help you build a consistently high-quality patient to create a long-term foundation to generate and grow your high-paying client list?

With the competition in the market, you need to learn how to stand out.

So here are some of the dental marketing tips on how to acquire new high-quality patients and increase the retention rate of your previous and new clients.

1. Set up your Google Business

Your potential leads will always be online. A way to check the best dental clinics within your area is through Google.

The key is to get seen online and place your dental clinic in front of your online consumers. It will boost your dental lead generation for free and minimal maintenance.

Google Business helps you to achieve those goals by letting Google know that your business is open. Start by placing your address, contact details, website, and even reviews from your existing patients.

If you haven’t yet created a Google Business page, you can set up your Google Business page by yourself or you can ask a dental marketing agency to take care of it for you.

2. Set yourself up for success with SEO

Your high-quality patients would prefer a dental practice that is on the top of the Google search. This is what SEO does. It makes sure that you will get better search results locally and traffic to your website by targeting local keywords.

Your website or blogs should have local keywords that have your city name for local targets to see you online.

A dental marketing agency helps you strategize and refine your keywords to optimize your content and website focusing on your target patients within your area.

3. Highly Converting and Safe Website

In marketing for dentists, Attracting high-quality clients needs to also have a high-quality and safe website. Your website should have a balance of aesthetics, authenticity, and accessibility for your patient.

Your home page should be clear with your branding and an organized outline to guide your visitors throughout the customers’ journey. A highly effective website can convert an appointment in a long period while making sure that your web hosting is secured for your patient’s details to save their details.

4. Reviews will be your best salesman

A great review will create trust and security that you can deliver the service well. You don’t have to prove your practice, let your existing patients’ reviews do the talking for you.

You can encourage your existing patients to give you a positive review on Google, in exchange for discounts or coupons.

Dental marketing agencies also recommend email marketing as another strategy to educate, entertain, book and even ask to leave reviews from your existing patients.

Of course, Some patients may leave you with negative reviews but don’t get discouraged.

So how will you leverage this in your favour? It will be discussed in the next point.

5. Show care and authentically connect

Negative reviews happen. Not all patients will give you fancy feedback.
Their reviews and your replies are online, so it’s better to show that you care and about your customers’ concerns.

Address the issue and show that you care about their feedback.

Talk to them online or hire a well-trained and sincere account manager to address the issue.

Use all their constructive criticisms to shape your practice for the better.

You can also offer discounts or gift cards for their next appointment as an apology.

People purchase through emotions and not by logic.

A great customer experience will lead to a better impression and sales conversions.

6. Utilize the Power Of Social Media Presence

Every business wants to convert its post into a highly engaging and paying client.

Start by creating consistent, relevant and valuable content via social media posts.

Increase your rapport by advertising discounts and special promos in exchange for their email subscription.

Target your ads locally via Facebook ads using pay per click to target your lead and convert them into site visits.

A dental marketing agency can assist you in creating Facebook ads.

7. Referral Bonus

A referral bonus can give you a push to your dental marketing strategies.

You can ask your satisfied clients or your staff to refer you to their friends and family and give a referral bonus, a gift card, or a dental service discount or even a free one as a reward system.

For inactive dental patients, you can use a membership plan with service discounts in exchange for their details to keep them updated about your dental practice and your services.

Final Thought

Your practice can filter the quality of your patients online. We have covered the different strategies on how to make that happen. However, if you want to do it right and save your time, you can always hire a dental marketing agency that offers dental marketing services according to your needs. Get in touch with us today with our free 30-minute discovery call.

How the Best Dental Marketing Agencies Prove ROI to Clients

How the Best Dental Marketing Agencies Prove ROI to Clients

As they say, talk is cheap. Showcasing your dental marketing strategies and services is great! However, it’s always about the bottom line: “How much money am I making in return”

Some dental marketing companies are struggling to prove the ROI from all the marketing campaigns proposed and executed.

Each client and campaign and goal is different. A great dental marketing agency knows that it is not only the noise or conversions are being shown, but the data needed to prove shows that the agency was able to drive the estimated return of investment from the campaign.

A great dental marketing agency can show you the right metrics and be transparent about it to their client. It shows the clients how their metrics are progressing during and after a campaign.

Integrity is one of the major cards of the game. Establishing trust through an ROI report can help you build a long-lasting rapport and pursue upcoming campaigns with your agency.

Different Types of Metrics

A typical digital campaign usually includes data analysis that your dental marketing agency has collected. It is extracted from the campaign and reported to you in a simplified format to understand the data.

Data Collection and Analysis Format

Data collection and analysis are shown in different formats and methods. Your number of social media followings, Google analytics, landing page conversions, click-through rate are some of the format examples.

Data collection and metrics reports can vary depending on the platform that you are focusing on and the goal for each campaign. A great metric report will be short and direct to the point to only focus on your goal and how well are you moving the needle.

From the report, your dental marketing agency can suggest in which direction are you going to move forward.

Before you start any marketing campaign, it’s worth checking out some of the different metrics that you can use as a reference to see if you are achieving your campaign goal and ROI for your dental practice. This is how the best dental marketing agency shows the metrics and ROI.

  1. Blog Post

    A well-thought blog should be able to convert new readers and to make them consistently read your content.

    Your blog should not only bring traffic, but your content should be high quality as well to attract the same level of high-quality leads to sign up for either your newsletter or for your 30-minute free consultation.

    Google Analytics is one of the most common tools that most dental marketing companies will recommend as a reference point. It provides comprehensive website traffic data including the number of people who viewed your page on a specific date and time.

    From the web traffic, you can also see where is the traffic coming from such as the country where they belong, the user flow, and their behavior.

    This type of data can help you understand the audience you are attracting and how you can either improve or change your content or keywords to target your desired audience.

    The organic traffic and sign-ups should showcase if you are getting traction and sales, and see if you are getting your return of investment.

    In proving the ROI for a specific web page, and established dental marketing agency will check a specific link from your page. They can determine the required investment on the keywords that will use for your blog post to rank organically.

  2. Email Marketing

    Your email marketing’s aim should nourish your new and existing leads to make them sign up to book a call with you via your website or the actual email.

    Great email marketing can tell your dental practice’s story, bring out the soul of your brand in front of your audience, and speaks to your patients’ pain points, and of course, provide the solution which is your services.

    An increased email list, web traffic and a potential booked appointment can be a great indicator of a strong email marketing strategy.

    You can simply measure the metrics, using the email marketing platform you are using as well as your goal and Google Analytics for the web traffic derived from the email campaigns.

    Ideally, your number of conversions and average order value are some of the factors to consider in calculating your email ROI.

    Other tools like Send Grid can provide you with the data for the conversion, clickthrough rate, bounce rate, and potential ROI depending on the industry you are in.

    They offer a free ROI calculator for you to try.

  3. Google Ads

    Ah yes, Google ads. For some, it might be overwhelming to learn about Google Ads.

    To make it simple, Google Analytics is another tool being used to measure your pay-per-click traffic from your Google ad campaign.

    Your post-click landing pages, website home page, or sales pages are some of the pages where you can keep on track with the conversion rates and sales analytics.

    Some dental marketing services offer other advanced tools where you can track your average cost per visitor and how much it cost to attract lead.

    A reputable dental marketing agency can help you optimize your ads and their cost per conversion to oversee the actual ROI for your Google Ads campaign.

  4. Social media

    Social media platforms already have a built-in tool for you to see the basic metrics. Your number of followers, your audience demographics, and when you create a social media campaign, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter analytics can help you see the web traffic, cost per click, and the clickthrough rate and oversee if your campaign was successful.

    Some dental marketing agencies also show consumer conversations. From this, you can determine the type of comments that consumers post. You can identify your audiences’ comments.

    It can help you create or retain better content and eventually convert them into an actual sale.

    In marketing for dentists, we usually suggest that having your brand perception analyzed first before creating any campaign can also help you identify the consumer perception of your brand. It also indicates which campaign could be successful based on your audience’s perception.

    It can help you project if your campaign will be a success or not, identify the purchasing behaviour, increase in your web traffic, sales conversion, email sign-ups, and backlinks.

  5. Web Design

    Some dental marketing agencies will swoon you with fancy designs as part of their dental marketing services.

    However, marketing should have a balance of design and data.

    Sure, your website looks fancy but does the design is easy for the eye to deliver the message?

    Google Analytics can help you gather the data both before and after the design project starts. That way, you have the numbers to compare the performance from the previous and newest design.

    A bounce rate is an indicator of how quickly does your audience exits your website.
    Aside from raising campaigns during Christmas or other holidays, having a low bounce rate and high page view every quarter is a good indicator of ROI.

    It also shows that the revised website design is aesthetically clear and moving to your audience to stay and navigate your page for a long period.

    A successful website page should drive success on an average of 5 years or more.

Final Thoughts:

We have discussed the different platforms that a dental marketing agency can conduct your dental marketing campaign and show the ROI.

Each platform has its indicator and tools to see if your campaign will bring brand awareness and return on your investment.

Remember that the metrics will depend on what type of channel you want to start the campaign and your campaign’s goals.

The dental marketing agency that you hired can execute the marketing campaign efficiently and gather the data, report the metrics in line with your goals and expectations, and the tools used to extract the in-depth analysis.

Your overall success will be based on the dental marketing agency that you will hire.

We have discussed the overview of how ROI can be proven. However, if you are still not sure which digital campaign you would try or fit, we are offering a free 30-minute call to help you assess your dental marketing services and needs. Contact us here, and get your free consultation today.

7 Tips in Choosing the Right Dental Marketing Agency

7 Tips in Choosing the Right Dental Marketing Agency

If you want to get more new high-quality patients per month plus maximize the potential of your existing patient’s list, no doubt your dental practice will be needing to step up your dental marketing game.

Before diving deep into the tips in choosing the right dental marketing agency for your dental practice, let’s understand the need of dental marketing in the first place.

In every business, marketing and sales are the breathing engine towards consistent client acquisition. Successful dental marketing for dentists will be possible as long as you practice effective marketing strategies that boost your positioning to your potential patients, increase your conversion, retention rate and identify how much it costs to acquire a qualified paying lead.

Dental marketing helps you to :

  • Drive more qualified leads and existing patients to keep on booking an online appointment.
  • Establish an online reputation to your practice and trust to your patients. 
  •  Customize your message for a specific target audience 
  • Measure visible results as well as the speed of campaign execution
  • Save more money while making sure that each strategy has guaranteed ROI.   

Today, your patients are online and to generate new patient appointments your dental market strategies should also be focusing on where your target clients are available.  

Lastly, if you want to boost your ROI from 200-250%, getting a dental marketing professional and their team is worth a try.  

What Is a Dental Marketing Agency?

You may ask, what do dental marketing companies do? Why getting the right dental marketing agency can help you turn your practice around, and the qualities of reputable ones to look for.

Trust me, you don’t want to get involved with a dental marketing agency that is learning digital marketing and use your practice as a test subject. So to give you the basic understanding on what a dental marketing agency is, we’re here to help.

A Dental marketing agency consists of a team of digital marketers with combined years of experience in creating marketing strategies, analyzing and redesigning effective marketing plans that guarantee optimal results of booking patients within your desired budget. 

Usually a dental marketing agency will provide these deliverables:

  • Marketing Evaluation and Consultation  
  • Brand or Rebranding Strategy 
  • Online Reputation Management 
  • Trends and Technology Forecasting 
  • Web Design and Development 
  • Website Traffic Acquisition through SEO 
  • Create high quality, brand building and optimize online content 
  • Manage User’s Experience via site mobile responsiveness 
  • Social Media Management and Marketing (PPC- pay-per-click advertising)
  • Data analysis, monitoring and reporting 
  • Operational consultation and training 

What Are the Tips for Choosing the Right Agency for My Practice?

Now you have a clear understanding of the importance of dental marketing, the meaning of dental marketing agency and the services they provide, we will now cover the tips in choosing the right agency for your dental practice.   

Choose An Agency That Specialize in Dentistry

When you have a toothache, You wouldn’t get an ophthalmologist to take care of your teeth, right? A professional who specifically has experience in dental care is more qualified to do it. 

The same goes for choosing a dental marketing agency.

Digital marketing has different branches. Assigning your campaign to the right expert will increase the chance of a successful campaign. 

The world of dentistry has a different audience, message, and verbiage. You need to make sure that you will hire an agency that knows also the dental market. 

Moreover, they should also know how people can find your practice, your website performance, the keywords that your website should be used to optimize your content online, pay per click for advertisement, and lastly, converting new leads into paying patients. 

Knowing the answers to these questions can help you understand your marketing needs and getting the right dental marketing agency that can confidently answer those questions with available data and tools on hand, all while hiring a team of specialists, not generalists.

Double Check their Experience, Credentials, and Credibility

Make sure that they have the proven years of dental marketing experience. Remember that dental marketing is a niche industry. The demand for marketing strategies will be different for food marketing and hiring an agent who has specific experience in this field is important.

A legit dental marketing agency specializing in dentistry understands the pain points of your market, can forecast trends and has the experience to propose how to scale your business. 

Ask for their testimonials, and if they can provide the case study for their past projects with their clients. A case study can be composed of a brand kit, a 3-month marketing campaign or a 6 month worth of content strategy. You can also see if they have achieved the goal and numbers from their client campaigns with similar budgets. A credible dental marketing agency can confidently connect you with some of its past clients for cross-reference.

Lastly, If you are not sure if you are looking at the right numbers, you can also check their reviews from 3rd party review services such as Google Reviews or Facebook Reviews. 

Though you cannot expect a 5-star review all the time, checking how they respond also shows how they treat their clients. A legit review will be very detail-oriented including the names of the people that they have worked with. 

Look for A Sense of Integrity

Competency and credibility is just a piece of the puzzle. Professionalism should also be taken into account when choosing a dental marketing agency. 

Test their commitment to timelines and deadlines and make sure they will always do what they say. Ask questions like “How long does it take to design and develop my website from scratch?” 

Depending on the number of clients your agency is handling right now, and how fast you can provide the website assets on time, it might take weeks or a few months. They should also be honest about the project timelines and turnover dates. 

Lastly, do they ask for a referral from your network within a 5 km distance from your clinic? If they do, do they layout any type of confidentiality contract to address any biases? 

As an agency, they might be handling other competitors to run their operations just like any other business, however, it wouldn’t hurt to consider the parameters and their work ethics to make sure they can bring the utmost integrity of their services to you and others. 

Check if they are One-Stop-Agency

Investing in a group of marketing professionals that have different specialties is working smarter than relying on one person to do all the dental marketing.

At the same, there are tons of dental marketing companies who claim to be experts from pay-per-click, web building and design, SEO, graphic designers, Social Media Management, or account management for your clinic. 

Remember that digital marketing has different branches. Assigning someone per their specialty by the agency is smarter because each key member is focusing on one sector complementing their strengths and expertise.

Check whether or not they have in-house experts or they outsource. If they are outsourcing work, ask them the reasons, and how they make sure that the quality is the same as what they uphold for their digital campaigns.

While outsourcing minimal or administrative tasks is fine, if the agency claims that they are the leading agency for SEO, it will be good news if they have an in-house 24/7 staff who is assigned for this department, not just an outsource. Most importantly, the owner should also have first hand experience regarding SEO; otherwise most of the time it might be a fortune cookie sweet talk to just strike a deal with you.

You can also try asking to meet each member who is responsible for each marketing project before signing anything. Ask to meet who is responsible for the web development, the social media manager, or the digital marketing leader in the agency. 

Check if they Show ROI Transparency

Since we talked about the case studies, let’s dive deep into the bottom line; your return on investment.

Many dental marketing companies can offer different marketing services, but you need to find a dental marketing agency that is transparent with the ROI (return of investment). 

Honesty is a highly respected value in every business. This is why you need to consider asking for the estimated cost of the investment plus how much is the potential cost per client acquisition and take notes. If the deadline occurs and if they don’t get the results, ask for the contingency plan. 

Ask if they have the real-time analytics and tools to schedule campaigns, and analyze results.

If so, can they be flexible enough to adjust the proposed marketing campaigns per report to improve your ROI, and if they can report an analysis about your patient’s purchasing behaviour and explain why there are more or few booked appointments this month.

Again, great things take time and usually on every marketing effort, so keep in mind that it takes 6 months to see the results of both the conversions and return of investment. 

However, a great dental marketing agency can pinpoint specific names from the booked appointment list derived from their actual marketing campaign. Now that’s a guaranteed ROI. 

Are they communicating genuinely?

Some of you might have hired an agency already. If so, how often do they report to you? 

Do they attend meetings on time? Do they coordinate with you promptly if there are any project delays or technical issues? Do they have a project manager who always checks your clinic’s concerns? Or do they ghost you for days when you try to ask for project updates? 

Their coordination also mirrors their work ethic. 

A reputable agency can explain and report the data to you in an easy-to-understand layout to match the level of your language in a way that you will still understand even if it’s technical. 

To check for their communication skills, start by checking their website.

Can you understand who they are and what they offer? When you book a discovery call with them, do they listen and ask more about your problems, your long-term goals, rather than talking and concluding what their solutions are? Do they offer training for your team aside from their online marketing services?  

A great dental marketing agency knows that there’s no one size fits all type of marketing for all clinics so they tend to listen more to their clients to assess the problem rather than showing off how much they know.  

Is there any Pricing and Packaging flexibility?

When you’re scouting for an agency to partner with, ask for a starter kit to begin with, and compare them to their “premium package”. Ask for the features added and what makes it different or better from the previous ones. You can also ask if it is on retainer, and what is the inclusive package for it. Be as honest as possible with your budget limits.

A reputable dental marketing agency will understand your clinics’ needs and adjust their packages that can show you bigger results within your budget. If they offer a basic package and give you a “surprise” fee for upgrades, this could mean 2 things: One, they really don’t know how to assess what works for your short and long term goal, and second, they showcase vague offers and budget for each service, so you would not see the whole picture of what needs to be done for your marketing and bill you with the additional charges. 

This is the last thing you want to get involved with, So trust your gut feeling and better run when the price and packaging are not clear or suddenly change.

Final Thoughts:

We have covered the importance of dental marketing to your practice and the actual meaning and benefits of a digital marketing agency. We also covered the tips in choosing the right dental marketing agency before you sign any contract. It all comes down to their credibility, experience, integrity, transparency, communication skills, and their prices and packaging are clear and flexible according to your needs. 

Though you can follow these tips when choosing an agency, It wouldn’t hurt to ask for a free consultation call with a reputable dental marketing agency to put you on the right track towards your dental practice marketing journey.